5 Random Things I Wanna Do..

1.To sit as a pillion on a moving bike. WONDER WOMAN 😝

(for this maybe I have to learn skates from my kiddo)

2.To steal bite from someone’s plate in a

crowded party. YES!!YES!!YES!!

(now that’s easy!! Just that I have to be quick.i didn’t find find the exact GIF🙄)

3.To burgle this damn shop and relish every bite..


 (i would plan this theft with pallu)

4.Wink at the bartender and get a drink for free…


(oh! I need to practise this)

5.To dance with govinda on New York streets maybe. OMG I AM GONNA FAINT

(this I am all geared up for)

Act (action), Do Not Enact (pretend).

Every moment we are creating history. As cliché it may sound. But isn’t it? Every moment gone is either a memory created or a lesson learnt.

How do I chose to act decides the course of my being.

Should I spend my time bitching, arguing, proving, manipulating?


Should I spend my time meditating, listening (to be heard is not less than loved), loving, being kind, helping?

Either I take action to do things which add beauty to my being and around or just act (pretend) to be doing so.

Creating history or historical moments need not be larger than life or something which the world appreciates.

Creating history and being a legend is to act on what you say, say what you mean, be what you are and above all faith in yourself. Very important go that extra mile, it’s never crowded.

Going an extra mile may not be rewarded or applauded by everyone. But just do it. Do it for you. Do it for your soul.

That extra mile could be…

To gift a handmade stuff to special people in today’s times where we all are busy (pretend to be I guess), isn’t that epic?

Lending a hand to an old person to reach across the road, isn’t being kind classy?

Giving hope to someone who has lost his, isn’t that being a hero?

Volunteering for your favourite cause, isn’t it a valuable act?

A pat on the back, appreciating talent, kind words, genuine efforts, where nowadays criticism is easy and appreciation is a lost trait.

(but, mean it!!)

Apart from doing our daily duties which could be studying, working, household chores just go that extra mile, to become a legend.

Either I can chose to fight battles within and without and end my journey.

Or rise above all the wars, bring a revolution act on the values, beliefs, ethics, that makes you more ‘YOU’.

I can also say chose the right battles to create a revolution.

History was created when you were born.

You alone may not change the world but your purest act will definitely change your world and just hoping someone from your world may learn from you and carry on the legacy and save the human race from its poisonous pretentious act.

And you must never forget..

No One Is You And That Is Your Power!!!


You have eyes to see? But it’s a waste if it doesn’t see magic in others..
You have mouth to talk? But it’s a waste if it doesn’t talk after a fight with your loved ones…

You have nose to smell? But it’s a waste if it doesn’t smell the mud in first rain..

You have ears to hear ? But it’s a waste if it doesn’t hear an aching voice…

You have hands to work? But it’s a waste if it doesn’t hold/ hug the weak..

You have a brain to think? But it’s a waste if it doesn’t know thoughtfulness..

You have heart to love? But it’s a waste if it doesn’t know caring…

You like running? But it’s a waste if you didn’t walk with your favourite person…

You like eating? But it’s a waste if you didn’t quarrel for that last bite of Maggi..

You like watching movies? But it’s a waste if you didn’t whistle at the entry of your favourite star..

You like travelling? But it’s a waste if you didn’t travel into depths of your being….

You like music? But it’s a waste if you didn’t hear the the birds chirping…

You like dancing? But it’s a waste if you didn’t dance to the tunes of your soul…

You like painting? But it’s a waste if you didn’t add colour to life of a special one..

You like swimming? But it’s a waste if you didn’t drown yourself in queer emotions at least for one person..

You like singing? But it’s a waste if you didn’t know ‘MELODY ITNI CHOCOLATY KYU HAI????’ haha [ why is melody so chocolaty? ]

( melody is an Indian chocolate).

It’s not the likes or haves, it’s what we make of it waste or wonder!

You are living without soul if you haven’t done any of these. Life is in us, not outside us! Collect priceless moments, touch lives, make a difference, that is the true essence of your existence.

And my dear girl, don’t you dare be of anyone’s type, be your own type.

And my dear ladies, don’t do stuff to please others, do it for your own being.

JUST BE YOU- otherwise you liked and lived would be a waste if YOU weren’t YOU

Do not be pricey, be Priceless


No One Is You And That Is Your Power!!!


So..what’s my today’s post about

..it’s about a mysteriously simple and adorable warrior who believes in positivity , humanity and has a passion to support people,  his motto in life is……. YOU CAN DO IT!

He is my new friend, inspiration, fellow blogger. PRESENTING TO YOU DEAR  READERS..  HONEST, MOTIVATIONAL, POWERFUL, SOULFUL, PASSIONATE MESSENGER.. ..taa daa..

Ben Aqiba


You ask me..why write on him and not anyone else? I’ll tell you why..

With so much negativity around ,  who still keeps telling you – YOU CAN DO!!! That’s Ben


Who has the courage to say it in black and white –



Who keeps telling you every time – BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! That’s Ben


Who can see – POSITIVITY IN DEATH!  That’s Ben


Every post I read, just re- instilled me with more positivity,  faith, power within and just blew my mind. So powerful. I am like damn.. So much like meeeeee! And I wish I could write like him, leave a legacy to be remembered after I die.  

Yes!!! That I made a difference.

Yes!!! I brought positive change in someone’s  life!! Yes!!! It was worth, my words, did live in people. Wow!

Why read Ben?

His writing style is simple, to the point, powerful, convincing, not more than 500 words, full of positivity! Like a wake up call ( remember my first blog?).

Guys it’s like a daily dose of vitamins you need for the maintaining, improving your mind, fighting with negativity around.

His blogs are not merely blogs but his journey along with his MIND.

Here is, his short story

He says..

I don’t like to speak about myself, but I will tell you some facts.I shared most of them in my blog, but here it is.

I’ve always thought differently from the others.I liked to talk more about ideas than about events, or about people.
I am working on myself strongly, every day.
I am always happy.
I enjoy small things such as the sunset or rain ( I like rain), in coffee.
I think that we (humans) must read more and learn more.
I believe in people , even though I was burnt a few times.
I have possibility to heal myself 🙂 I cured bad  allergy alone, with my mind.
I love to support people ,this is my passion.
I am very simple , and I like simplicity in life. Life is very very simple.Humans are sometimes complicated
I have a big scare on my stomach. It is result of one hard operation when doctor told my parents that I will not make it. He was wrong. God had other plans for me 🙂

P.S. – I want my reader friends to read and share goodness and positivity in Ben’s words creating more beauty around.

I always write what I believe in and feel connected with, one of them being Ben’s writing.

Thank You Ben:)

Stay Blessed

Keep Churning Postitivity!!


And yes never forget