I may not know to wait patiently in a que- but I know to be patient with life

I may not know to double the money- but I know to double the things money cannot buy

I may not know to wipe tears- but I know not to make someone cry

I may not know to make someone happy- but I know to make them laugh

I may not know to give an advice- but I know to give my experience

I may not know to write a poetry – but I know to be poet

I may not know the correct words- but I know the correct people to give my words

I may not know to be sweet- but I know to have substance

I may not know to keep a tab- but I know not to lose what doesn’t need a tab

I may not know to be obedient- but I know to keep respect

I may not know to love- but I know to have faith in

I may not know to be fast- but I know to be make heart beat faster (lol)

I may not know to save a life- but I know to keep a life safe

I may not know many things

But I still know many many things

At the end it’s all about..

#Be to Be-lieve!!! Whatever you believe in, You be that first.

That reinforces the beliefs.

Beliefs do change as we change with time .

Break the beliefs create new benchmark for your being.

Create your new self everyday with knowing what you don’t know.

On the whole process of one basic rule applies don’t kill your soul.

Know what makes your soul soar and that’s the only thing you must always know..

…And never forget..

No One Is You And That Is Your Power!


Areyy sunn naa.. pata chala… kya??? Woh hai naa 203 waale Sharma ji..wunki beti..haa wahi pehle number waali? haan haan.. Sunna tha chakkar chal raha hai, hogaya… ‘DIVORCE’…. Waaaahhh! One more new juicy gossip.Sooooooo much fun I tell you. Mazza aagaya!!! Aj khaanaa jyada jaayega pait mein..Strange… But true isn’t it???

Majority of us discuss someone’s personal life without having slightest knowledge on it. Dude!!… On second thoughts, why have knowledge???  Remember ‘GREAT MINDS DISCUSS IDEAS,  AVERAGE MINDS DISCUSS EVENTS,  SMALL MINDS DISCUSS PEOPLE’ said Eleanor Roosevelt. I say  ‘you choose… your mind’. And by the way how does anyone’s personal life affect us?….. Ohhh!!! Ohhh!!! Oh!!! Entertainment!!! Entertainment!!! Entertainment!!! Is it??? Chalo phir thik hai. Kuch toh entertainment hona chaiye life main. Woh bhi free free free.

Divorces pe essay nai likhna.Nor is that I wanna favour any gender. Or speak for and against it. Divorces these days are too common for whatever reasons or for no reason at all. It is possibly one of the most devastating decision of any couple’s life. It affects direct families and children. The shocking rise in rates of divorces, is questioning the very base of institution of marriage. Also affecting the social structures on the whole.                            

              Marraige is a beautiful institution.  Which enables two people involved grow, learn, nurture. Becoming the two most important pillars and foundation of having a family. Before deciding on marriage couples should not decide the circumstances, because circumstances are different post marriage. Keep it real,practical and not fanciful like hindi movies. I mean like those Barjatiya movies. LOL

             Moreover ‘divorcee mahila’ ko humarey sabhya  Bhartiya samajh main bohat I mean really bohat respect dee jaati hai. Ke bas aap poocho hee mat. Kahin  bhi jaao..toh khuss poos ‘ divorcee hai??’..’divorcee hai??’… ‘divorcee hai??’.. What the hell…alien nai, insaan hai. No one bloody hell call names to men.

Men get their prospective bride in a blink of an eye lid ( kabhi kabhi back to back do teen shaadiya…wah). Women are just pushed into a marriage, if the guy is rich or  poor. Bas mil gaya ladka kara do shaadi.I also think men are weaker emotionally than women ( mard ko dard nai hota,  agar ho bhi toh, who cares??? Kaun sunnta hai bechaarey ki).

According to me it’s not only a man and a wife bond.  But every beautiful bond is not easy. Actually anything beautiful in life is not easy. Hate is easy, Love isn’t. Rude is easy, Polite isn’t. Hurt is easy, Nurture isn’t. Letting Go is easy, Holding On isn’t. At the end it’s between you and yourself. Not between you and others. ‘What you seek. Is seeking you’- Rumi.

We are what we speak, above all what we speak for others, defines us and not them.’ BE A VOICE, NOT AN ECHO.’ Get a life mahn!!!! Seriously bro B-)