Distill to be Still.

Kaapi..??? anyone for filter (drip brew) coffee!!! Though I like chai (tea). But, this post isn’t about either. LOL. It is about FILTERS!!! Oh! No, please. Not snapchat. No instagram. No WhatsApp filters. Nor any sort of filters applied to make pictures fanciful, clicked from our gadgets.

Have you ever thought of pictures taken by our eyes? Yes, our eyes is one important feeding data rod.

If you didn’t know…

Our eye works like a camera. The iris and the pupil control how much light to let into the back of the eye, much like the shutter of a camera. Isn’t that amazing?

The brain is instrumental in helping us see as it translates the image into something we can understand. The brain does all the perception. What we see is the rum of the mind and not the eyes.

So, our real filter is our brain. It filters the image captured through the lens of our eyes according to our understanding.

Eyes on the Brain.
What the Brain Tells the Eye
Do we see what we want to see?

Have you ever picked up a gallon milk bottle that you thought was full when it was empty instead? You realize your mistake as soon as you begin to lift the bottle because your hand and bottle fly over your head. Your brain assumed that the bottle was heavier than it was and thus instructed your muscles to exert more force than was necessary. Before we make any voluntary movement, a great deal of planning, which is largely unconscious, takes place in our brain.
The same is true for perception.

Since our eyes sense what is around us, it’s easy to think that our visual system is quiescent (inactive) unless stimulated by something from the outside. However, what we see is governed to a large extent by what we expect to see. As with our movements, our brain sets us up in advance for what we will see.

Like in a crowd you will always locate a known face easily🎃. Say, when I go shopping somehow I fish all the whites kept in any damn corner. The attraction for that colour, you see👕. In a table full of pastries,my eyes halt only on my favourite chocolate pastry 🍰. While taking a walk I wouldn’t miss any trees which has flowers. Love for flowers,huh!

Often, I just pass by someone I know and not even notice them. Either I am occupied in my mind with some thoughts or I plainly wanna ignore that great personality😂

Many a times when i’m searching for that particular dress which I want it so badly. The entire house is upside down, I still don’t find it. Why?? Because I have given it in the laundry/ friend borrowed it/ with tailor. Eeehhh…yaahh!!! Dumb me!!😭

The other day it so happened. I was annoyed with the fact that I have been complaining to the building authorities about hygiene not maintained in the vicinity and still no strict action has been taken to look into the matter. Those few days wherever I go, see only trash, piles of more trash just wherever my eyes go and I’m like…grrr😭

The whole point here, i’m trying to make is that, what we look for, through our lenses (eyes) is what we get. Be it, out of choices, habits, emotions, consciously or unconsciously.

Our brain/ mind plays a major role in giving definition, meaning to those images in our lenses, which in turn defines many things and aspects of ourselves, gradually mould our lives too.

The journey of our lenses to our senses….

… to be continued (next post), where we talk about filters.


It would be wonderful to know any of those incidents where, you found something, you were exactly looking for. See you in the comment box.

Until then me saying..be rare, be you.. And I’m like..