Stay Infected.

How I wish if I could infect people with…

A disarming smile when someone is mad at you for no reason = Fight avoided.

A kind word to a sad face= Happy face.

A hug to an irritated person = Calm person.

A thank you to cab driver, watchman, help= Good day.

A support to oldies / disabled / pregnant women in public places= Better person.

Be patient and follow the rules= Better Society.

To say when you are hurt to same person who hurt you= bond intact.

A calm stare at a loud voice= Silence served.

At a store/ food joint / work greet the staff with their names = Startling smile.

Try comforting a crying baby= Priceless achievement.

Rescue/ Feed a stray= Content soul.

After a wedding or party donate all of the flowers to a nursing home= Boundless joy.

For once celebrate your special day in an orphanage/ old age home= Lives touched.

Hold the elevator. Pause- think, “Am I really in that much of a rush that an extra minute will hurt me?”= A Smile earned.

Offer water /drink to your mail carrier/ garbage men/ guards= Humanity restored.

Cook an extra portion of dinner (or dessert) for the needy= Blessing earned.

Ask your child to say a thank you prayer for martyrs and their families before going to bed= Value life.

On Memorial Day or Veteran’s Day, go to your local memorial or event and pass out mini flags or flowers to Veterans= Immense pride.

If you are a teacher/ dancer/ singer/ artist teach the poor children for free= wow! It’s worth it.

I wish these infections increase in leaps and bounds leaving no life on earth untouched.

Please please if you are the infected one then don’t see a Sarciologist. Just be the virus. We need more of it now.

Let’s keep Sarcasm for the stupid (who do not understand the language of kindness) = Argument avoided.

Kindness also doesn’t mean you are kind to ‘ xyz’ on the street, in public where people notice. They praise you. Wonderful human! Saviour! But once you are home or your own country you are absolutely opposite of it. Don’t do that. Do it because it makes you feel human adding within a bit more beauty in your own being. Do it because it will take you closer to the You_Ness in You! Do it because..

No One Is You And That Is Your Power!!!

(P.S. Annually 13th November is celebrated as World Kindness Day ( started in 1998) I’m like… Really???? Do we need a day? To fill our world with kindness!)