What Matters…#03

What matters…

the Doctor? … Cerelac?….OR Right And Healthy Eating Habits!

the Kind of Diaper Pants?… Walker?… Teether?… OR The Right Use of it !

which Kindergarten?… OR Right Method Of Teaching! 

the Board?… College?…. OR The Management!

any Classes?… OR The Interest And Effort!

the Stream?… OR Dedication!

Job Profile?… OR Contentment!

Arrange Marriage?… Love Marriage??… OR Fulfillment!

Why are we so lost in the whole process of so many choices to choose from? why is that we are forgetting to get our basics right?

I realized (hopefully not very late),

It is not the tangible things that will bring about a difference, but intangible things cultivated throughout my child’s life span will bring a difference with our effort as parents and guardian.

As a parent I choose to nourish the roots with values, manners, build  character, teach to be more kind, calm, respectful, helpful, know various culture, rich traditions, build faith and trust, instill positivity , family system , inculcate a sense and appreciation for beauty around and most important teach-


However, it is  disheartening at times  to see my child still fretting, fuming, screaming, aggressive, lazy, stubborn, hoarder and many things which no mother or guardian would teach the child to be.

But there is always a way to make things more beautiful and wonderful, that is if we really want to.This beauty and joy, we found in BALA VIHAR( it is a part of CHINMAYA MISSION). Yes my dear fellow parents, it’s purely fun, positivity, vibrance, goodness, so much of pleasantness.

So what is BALA VIHAR ?

Bala – Children
Vihar – means a place to stay / dwell
Bala Vihar means a place for children to be ,where in the right values are given ( with the help of the scriptures).

As we go, the class begins with reciting hanuman chalisa, teacher tells a short story ( could be on God, on any upcoming festival or some value). Children ( 04- 11years)  are given  worksheets to colour. In Bala Vihar,  A  for ASPIRATION, B for BROTHERHOOD,  C for CLEANLINESS is taught. 

It is an interactive class, also recite mantras, sing and learn bhajans. My 05year old child  looks forward to attend the classes, he calls it OM classes. As teachers, volunteers, children greet each other with Hari Om! Every child feels special and wanted, every child is given a sweet at the end of  the class.

As a  parent I suggest all my fellow parents:

 As we take an extra effort to send our kids to dance,guitar , sports or whatever classes. I appeal to each one of you all to send your child to Bala Vihar, why? because I see all the other efforts in vain without Bala Vihar, one has to be there to experience it. I send my child because he enjoys going, he looks forward going, I see positive difference in my child, my child and I see a lot more beauty and appreciation around us, Hari Om!


( I must share this, I have told my child whenever he sees me getting angry, just ask me to say HARI OM, and same applies to him . Oh boy! It works:)Never forget – children are real copycats. So we must watch our actions and words first.)

And yes!  it will not make your child baba ( as in monk) and it is not meant only for certain Hindus or any particular community, all are welcomed with open arms. The aim of CHINMAYA MISSION is to create maximum happiness for maximum people for maximum time! That is if you really CHOOSE TO!

…aao adopt karein!

‘Unless you can truly enhance their lives, you should not have childern’-Sadhguru. True that !! A child is a bundle of joy, a promise for a potential better future. A child is a responsibility, that too a freaking serious one. Cannot afford to be unsure. Raising a child, is raising our consciousness at every level of our day to day being.

So my post today is on ‘adoption’.  Why adoption,  because Bharat main no one really gives it a thought. Khudko nai sambhaal saktey sala!!! ADOPTION..LOL!!!  Itnaa sab mehanga hai…baap re…this inflation suckssss!!!  Aur haan..’ Paraaye Khoon Ko Waaris Kaun Banayega?’ aur ”haila!!! adoption kyu?” Keeping all this aside. Why is that we are still not open  about it??? I ask each one of us. I am talking about non-compulsive adoption. Wherein a couple should give a thought of adopting atleast one child and  have one biological child, jaise ” hum do humarey do.”

Dude am I making sense???? Please comment, exchange your views. Waise sach main kisiko padi nai!!! Why is that the idea of adoption not only hidden in thick books of wise words,but stays there only collecting dust. We are no less than puppets or animals kept in zoo where the ring master is the society governing our life.. Isn’t it? So how does one cut this cultural and social web of being monitored?

http://cara.nic.in/InnerContent.aspx?Id=140#Register Online

(Hoping that someone will consider:)

                       I can’t do everything but I can do something. Something for the four legged being. Animals may not literally speak. But they do speak language of love, which is easy to understand.  Wherein words are often misunderstood. Looking after an animal in our vicinity and around. If I see an animal abuse, stop it, and don’t you dare forget to beat the shit of that coward. Doing small things like feeding them, giving water or just stroke with love to these wonderful furry souls. Makes you feel so wonderful about our own selves. Trust me dude… Just try it. And if you can adopt one and foster… Voilà !!!!! You are in for an affair of a lifetime,  no break up, no make up. Just everlasting selfless love and warmth.  You know what ‘ The Best Things In Life Are Rescued’.


(dont be a vagabond, be a Bond.. James Bond. Rescue. Foster. Care. DON’T WALK AWAY)

Adoption isn’t only claiming over a life. It is about nurture, care, selfless love and sincere commitment for a  better world. Fostering not only young ones of a being but also inanimate being . Yes, why not inculcate a simple habit like watering  a plant around you. I mean isn’t that wow… To see the beauty around you grow,  with your simple effort.

Effort is what makes all the difference. Difference in some one’s life, in environment, in society. Also very important is to adopt a lifestyle, a positive attitude and values which takes us closer to our own selves. Adopt a value oriented approach towards life more than price oriented. After all, ‘ A Little Effort Is More Memorable, Than Expensive Gifts’

(P.S. Inputs by Shera and Chonty..thank you guys:)