Is meditation sitting with closed eyes, correct posture and zero thoughts in mind in a dim lit room. Is meditation only chanting. Or is it going on so called meditation camps. I asked one of my blogger friends and he retorted- ‘Meditation Is Sound Of Silence’. It resonated with me in many aspects. Introspection lead […]


Self Justification … (Psychology describes) how, when a person encounters a situation in which a person’s behavior is inconsistent with their beliefs, that person tends to justify the behavior and deny any negative feedback associated with the behavior. Oh! come on. how, .many many times we all have done that and still do it…. ‘JUSTIFY […]

Lost and Found.

#Lose yourself in music to find a Connection #Lose yourself in nature to find Beauty #Lose yourself in meditation to find Balance #Lose yourself in the moment to find Life #Lose yourself in someone to find the new You #Lose your cool and just to find people dead (lol) I also keep losing things…grrr.. Anyway. […]

5 Random Things I Wanna Do..

1.To sit as a pillion on a moving bike. WONDER WOMAN 😝 (for this maybe I have to learn skates from my kiddo) 2.To steal bite from someone’s plate in a crowded party. YES!!YES!!YES!! (now that’s easy!! Just that I have to be quick.i didn’t find find the exact GIF🙄) 3.To burgle this damn shop […]