Q. Do we women inflict self pity, baggage, bondage and all that weighs us down? Ans. Here is what few of my friends have to say – Friend1- That’s used by few as an amour to gain sympathy And some men just fall for it They use it as a means to get over their […]


Meri (my) behno (sisters)!!! Breakfree!! Loosen up! Gear up! RAISE YOUR VOICE! Time for some crazy chit chat. May be Some serious stuff as well. The whole idea behind Behna blog (BB) is that why don’t we question? Especially women (men will never question, so they are not in the picture! Poor guys look better […]

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Hello 👋 and Namastey 🙏 Behna Blog is back with the most spectacular behna I have known. I take immense pride in dedicating this post to her- debut of BB-SEASON 02. I guess words, just don’t and just always fail to articulate when it’s strong emotions 🤦 unlike my fellow bloggers@ especially Sha🙄 In my […]