The Kid in me will give you  the wonder I engulf. The Girl in me will give you the pep I  adorn. The Lady in me will give you the poise I inherit. But Beware, We are not maps leading to defects or voices made of silence Our color is not period Our emotions are […]


…be the light be the light blah blah plah plah Heard this umpteenth times Light is life Light is spark My kiddo says ‘Light is God’ I believe we all are LIGHT!!! So my idea is not to be the light but… Be the air which enables the other life breathe. The air which liberates, […]

Reckon your REFUGE!

= the state of being safe or sheltered from pursuit, danger, or difficulty. Refuge is an escape from one thing may be we cannot face to the other thing which may be gives us peace or make us feel safe. Safe is all what we want to feel. Security is what we want. We humans […]

Define the Meaning.

What you add meaning to….defines you!! definition of intensity gives meaning to your emotions definition of choices gives meaning to your being definition of voice gives meaning to your consciousness definition of words gives meaning to your vibes definition of sincerity gives meaning to your tribe Like for me Strangeness is beauty Look in the […]