Tribe or Feminism?

I wanted to write this from so long. Without further delay I find today to be the most auspicious 🤪 day to put forth my frustration/ anger/ complain. The thing is I am quiet bugged about the waves of -isms buzzing around. I particularly want to talk about waves of feminism hitting the globe. Historically […]

..bindi love

Before I start writing I would like to share what made me write this blog. It is pure love for bindi and the energy it engulfs me with whenever I adorn it. It makes me calm, composed, controlled and super confident. I feel focused, anxiety free. The love for it increased incredibly when I started […]


Q. Do we women inflict self pity, baggage, bondage and all that weighs us down? Ans. Here is what few of my friends have to say – Friend1- That’s used by few as an amour to gain sympathy And some men just fall for it They use it as a means to get over their […]


The Kid in me will give you  the wonder I engulf. The Girl in me will give you the pep I  adorn. The Lady in me will give you the poise I inherit. But Beware, We are not maps leading to defects or voices made of silence Our color is not period Our emotions are […]


…be the light be the light blah blah plah plah Heard this umpteenth times Light is life Light is spark My kiddo says ‘Light is God’ I believe we all are LIGHT!!! So my idea is not to be the light but… Be the air which enables the other life breathe. The air which liberates, […]