Personal Note & BV Details#05

My dear parents and reader friends , the series of  blog posts  on being a parent  is all my personal experience. This blog marks the closure to my series of 05 blog posts. It is my growth, transition, discovery. As I penned in my introductory blog, it’s my journey within.  From a 1st time mommy […]

Bala Vihar#04

Children are not vessels to be filled, but Lamps to be lit – Swami Chinmayananda Chinmaya Mission an organisation founded by a world renowned vedantic teacher Swami Chinmayananda, himself a lawyer, investigative journalist and a skeptic as he would call himself, found the joy & happiness hidden in the Upanishad & Sanatana dharma. Chinmaya Mission […]

What Matters…#03

What matters… the Doctor? … Cerelac?….OR Right And Healthy Eating Habits! the Kind of Diaper Pants?… Walker?… Teether?… OR The Right Use of it ! which Kindergarten?… OR Right Method Of Teaching!  the Board?… College?…. OR The Management! any Classes?… OR The Interest And Effort! the Stream?… OR Dedication! Job Profile?… OR Contentment! Arrange Marriage?… […]

Parent’s Dilemma#02

….As a parent I too faced dilemmas like…. which child specialist doctor should I take my child??which cerelac to serve at what age????                            which kind of diaper pants would be most comfortable for my child???                           […]

Child Growth#01

ROOTS signify STRENGTH.Strength of child depends mainly on what manure he/ she has been nourished with. The environment of a child in his growing years plays a very crucial role.  WINGS signify LIMITLESS POSSIBILITIES. That surely we all wish for our children,but without firm roots all the possibilities seem to hold no value. Let us […]