BB-REVISED #01 – Conclusion

Women Women Yes Women! very difficult or easy to deal with. Talking about self-inflicted pity or baggage or things that weighs her down I think .. I see it everywhere and max times.. Irrespective of its a HE or a SHE. Her heart melts with love and kind words. She may be aware of the […]


Meri (my) behno (sisters)!!! Breakfree!! Loosen up! Gear up! RAISE YOUR VOICE! Time for some crazy chit chat. May be Some serious stuff as well. The whole idea behind Behna blog (BB) is that why don’t we question? Especially women (men will never question, so they are not in the picture! Poor guys look better […]

#Behna #Blog #Season02

Hello 👋 and Namastey 🙏 Behna Blog is back with the most spectacular behna I have known. I take immense pride in dedicating this post to her- debut of BB-SEASON 02. I guess words, just don’t and just always fail to articulate when it’s strong emotions 🤦 unlike my fellow bloggers@ especially Sha🙄 In my […]

BB post #03- FItnEss anD nutrItIon

Guys it’s or mail me I would also like to take this opportunity to give away the much coveted BB tropy to my pyari (loveable) Behna (Sister) Miss Aishwarya Kachhawa, for giving the last BB question on Fear. As the ritual goes, she had to answer few questions… Here it goes Q.01. What […]

BB Post #02- On Fear- Part-02.

IF YOU CHOOSE… to Surrender to anger.. maybe resentment / better you to Jealousy… only destruction to Grief… lifelessness to Love….gain freedom but if you Fear you cannot Love. Either Fear/ Love. Either you live or manage somehow. Again our choice👇 Become conscious.. Nurturing fear produces dangerous species on earth. Today many threats are psychological […]

BB Post #02- On Fear- Part-01.

BB question #02 Namaste🙏 dear readers. Thank you for an interesting question pyari (loving) sundar (beautiful) behna (sister). Is it effortless for each one of us to unravel the secret of our existence? May be not. But it ain’t unobtainable either. All of us have fears. We all feel afraid. It is natural to fear […]

BB Post #02 -On fear.

Hi dear readers a small note- BB Question #02 (On FEAR) would be a divided in two post.  As topic fear is too deep and vast. First Post- would be covering what is fear in it’s comprehensiveness (womb to adulthood) and it’s various dimensions (fear, anxiety, phobia). #it is very important to get our basics right. […]