…rang de basanti or dance basanti??

My dear pals I have been a bit too disturbed to be thinking about anything else other than, ‘PoK’, ‘ Uri Attacks’, ‘ 19 Martyrs, ‘Surgical Strike’. I am an extremely sensitive person. With age and experience I worked on it, so that it doesn’t really take over me… Like really???? Yes dude!!!!!! Anyway.

When I was an adolescent I used to watch these men clad in olive camouflage uniform, armed with weapons ( I am like haila!! ye asli hai?) on television. I see them only on news channels. See them in No Man’s Land, in jungle, in desert,in snow. And made me wonder do these men really exist???

Born and brought up in Bandra where we have grown up seeing celebrities, actors, actresses around. So I was sure they are just like us. Just that acting and glamour is their profession which makes them popular. Whereas, I see these men in uniform. I am like these men are not for real. I mean why would anyone on earth by choice, leave his family, friends, relatives, social life. Leave all the comfort of his home. Abandon just about everything. Also give away their lives. And that is their profession? Are you kidding me?

I wonder what makes them choose something like this. Why choose this? Choose to live every day as their last. I am sure their Dna not same like us. We civilians crib to stand for National Anthem, when played in cinema hall.. LOL! So as an adolescent and (obviously) till now and always they remain Super Heroes to me definitely the real ones, yet so unreal to me.

I came across this beautiful article on The Real Super Heroes and their not so ordinary life, dealing with ordinary emotion.

( Army Officer’s Wife On What It’s Like To Marry A Man Willing To Give Up His Life For The Country

https://www.scoopwhoop.com/What-Is-It-Like-To-Be-Married-To-An-Army-Man/#W.c4515bqft/?ref=WA )

Oh Yes! Dance basanti. Mera bachha haai!!! Dancing, Signing, Acting Reality Shows main participate karey. Mera Bachhaaaaaaaa!!!! Naam roshan karey. Make me also famous. Wow on teeee veeee. I and my bachha are stars. Mommy (daydreaming)…Ek do daily soaps. Jaise Balika Vadhu. Then hindi or regional movies. Actor ka tag lag jaaye. Shahrukh – Katrina bann jaaye. Life set!!!

How we get fooled by these so called Reality Shows fad. The shows dude seriously, only the channels and the judges earn a fortune. Leaving the participants and winners with temporary fame and a cheque of few dimes. I am not against it. But guys, especially to all the mothers, why can’t we teach our children about The Real Heroes ( we all are heroes to someone in someway..yo Bro! WE ARE!!!)

The Real Heroes are not who are acting. Those are actors, those are entertainers. The Real Heroes are on borders, in wars, who lay their lives for us. Who guard our motherland from enemies, without a single complain. So that we can sit in comfort of our homes peacefully and watch those entertainers on television.

Please dear all, especially mommies and youth learn, know, educate yourselves first about The Real Heroes. Then pass on the knowledge, show our children what it takes to be The Real Hero. Teach them to respect our flag, our National Anthem, our martyrs. Instill a feeling of pride and patriotism like any other emotion and values taught.

Teach them about Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, Rajguru, Vallabh bhai Patel. Many more magnificently historic freedom fighters. Like we teach about hare and the tortoise. As parents and guardians show our youth and children the way to become one of those Real Heroes. It’s absolutely their choice what path they choose to walk on. Least we can do is show them.

Mera Bharat Mahaan every single day ( not only on 26th January or 15th August) because of every single Real Super Hero from then to now.Let us remember them, thank them, celebrate their spirit, look up to them, take pride in their valour and salute their families every single day 🙌

Act (action), Do Not Enact (pretend).

Every moment we are creating history. As cliché it may sound. But isn’t it? Every moment gone is either a memory created or a lesson learnt.

How do I chose to act decides the course of my being.

Should I spend my time bitching, arguing, proving, manipulating?


Should I spend my time meditating, listening (to be heard is not less than loved), loving, being kind, helping?

Either I take action to do things which add beauty to my being and around or just act (pretend) to be doing so.

Creating history or historical moments need not be larger than life or something which the world appreciates.

Creating history and being a legend is to act on what you say, say what you mean, be what you are and above all faith in yourself. Very important go that extra mile, it’s never crowded.

Going an extra mile may not be rewarded or applauded by everyone. But just do it. Do it for you. Do it for your soul.

That extra mile could be…

To gift a handmade stuff to special people in today’s times where we all are busy (pretend to be I guess), isn’t that epic?

Lending a hand to an old person to reach across the road, isn’t being kind classy?

Giving hope to someone who has lost his, isn’t that being a hero?

Volunteering for your favourite cause, isn’t it a valuable act?

A pat on the back, appreciating talent, kind words, genuine efforts, where nowadays criticism is easy and appreciation is a lost trait.

(but, mean it!!)

Apart from doing our daily duties which could be studying, working, household chores just go that extra mile, to become a legend.

Either I can chose to fight battles within and without and end my journey.

Or rise above all the wars, bring a revolution act on the values, beliefs, ethics, that makes you more ‘YOU’.

I can also say chose the right battles to create a revolution.

History was created when you were born.

You alone may not change the world but your purest act will definitely change your world and just hoping someone from your world may learn from you and carry on the legacy and save the human race from its poisonous pretentious act.

And you must never forget..

No One Is You And That Is Your Power!!!

Self Revolution…

The importance of knowing when to Stop!!!

It is equally important as a Start..

Start can be now, here,today. It’s any moment when you decide to ACT, that is a start.

But, when to STOP..how do we decide that? At least for a person like me.. Who is a fighter, hardcore optimist and believes strongly in goodness.

When do I Stop..


Stop…when my voice falls on deaf ears

Stop…when my words are misunderstood

Stop…when my intentions are questioned

Stop…when my actions are judged

Stop…when my care is taken as disturbance

Stop..when my warmth is tagged as desperation

Stop…when my company is taken for granted

..and when I stop, I make sure it’s a stop and not a halt.

When you chose to say stop and have courage to act on it…is when you give a start to your being.

A staunch stop is directly proportional to the value you give to yourself.

Draw a line as to who gets to touch your being. Be choosy. Give in only to those worth your intensity and your genuineness. For you are rare. Not all deserve exclusivity.

Maintain distance for who are not your tribe..

We all are beautiful in our own way..respect all:)

Never ever forget….



Specially to youth readers… know when to stop when it’s an emotionally abusive relationship or drugs or alcohol or watching porn.

But be relentless when it’s your goals, aspirations, adding value and soul to your being.

Distill to be Still #02

..the journey continues… of lenses to senses…

In my last post I wrote about how our eyes sees things and we act in a particular pattern because of certain ideas/ thoughts in the context of our mind already.

Whether we agree or not. Whether we like it or not. We all have different measurements to judge someone. We have different altitudes on which we set a particular image of a person. It’s like whatever context I feed in my brain will decide that person’s image.

Be it because of past experiences with someone, be it emotions, background,  moods, beliefs, habits, etc. It could be any silliest of the things which creates a certain picture of someone because of FILTER in our minds.

What is a filter? Filtering is selection process through which the best is kept and unwanted is dumped. Sometimes it’s the part that remains in the sieve, is of interest too.

So it works both ways,

Filter to let in best.

Filter the worst to keep in best.

What are we doing?

We are filling our mind with unwanted waste-prejudices, false beliefs, indifference, negativity, anxiety, denial, ignorance, repercussions. Certainly not a nice place to live in.

What I mean is meet people with a clean slate (mind), like a mind of a child. Give them a chance to show their real selves (which people fear to show these days, as they will be judged, so natural).. If you care- then observe, question (without being personal, but about the person). Create the image with your lenses on a clean slate with their colors and not anything with rum of your mind. Be it, for a person/ situation / things in your life, every bit of it would turn from awful to wonderful.

Advantages of having a mind like a ‘clean slate’

#you will not expect (as no pre-made image)

#learn more about it (as mind is open)

#more acceptance (as no mould to fit in)

#zero disappointment (all the above reasons)

We all agree to this…

No one likes to be judged, but still all judge. We have different rules for others and different for ourselves. What goes around, comes around. Whether we like it or not (consciously/ unconsciously).

Like for example I mentioned in the previous post-

I’m searching for that particular dress in the entire house, but it is in laundry/ friend borrowed it/ with tailor.

Same thing applies with people/ events in life. We are so sure about something that our mind out of habit forces us to think in a certain way. But, the fact remains something else. Break the habit and the behaviour will change. Open your mind about people, events, life.

It is…

THE CONTEXT, NOT THE CONTENT OF LIFE (says Sadguru) works wonders on our minds.

..and not with your outward self image.

Our perception of our own self is put in our head by someone, something, some events. Please do away with those concept right now.

Our perception and interpretation organises information in our minds through the information we provide. Make sure you are well informed. About yourself and everything else around.

Please stop putting filters in our minds. On people,events, life. Instead, give people chance to give you filters to add beautiful colours, dimensions to your being.

Lead the bond/ events/ life with those filters, which doesn’t highlight the flaws (flaws- indeed make you what you are). Not the filters which block the power of you touching lives.

Focus on positives wearing distilled lenses with an uncluttered film in your mind.

When we distill impurities from our mind we become still in our mind. When you become still, you are more closer to your being, becoming more powerful in your mind..

Reclamation …

No One Is You And That Is Your Power!


P.S. We must be slow in trusting people, that doesn’t mean you doubt. We must be slow in loving,  which doesn’t mean you hate. We must be slow in allowing people in our lives. Have your guards on. It means just filter people with their filters and let them in gradually.

If you still don’t like them. You are free to bid adieu. BUT, DO NOT JUDGE!!!! Don’t you dare to influence others opinion. For, there is someone who will love them. As it is said- either you judge or love!

The process of distillation is on a personal level. A person becomes WE, when in society. So, first change your filters, then society.

Distill to be Still.

Kaapi..??? anyone for filter (drip brew) coffee!!! Though I like chai (tea). But, this post isn’t about either. LOL. It is about FILTERS!!! Oh! No, please. Not snapchat. No instagram. No WhatsApp filters. Nor any sort of filters applied to make pictures fanciful, clicked from our gadgets.

Have you ever thought of pictures taken by our eyes? Yes, our eyes is one important feeding data rod.

If you didn’t know…

Our eye works like a camera. The iris and the pupil control how much light to let into the back of the eye, much like the shutter of a camera. Isn’t that amazing?

The brain is instrumental in helping us see as it translates the image into something we can understand. The brain does all the perception. What we see is the rum of the mind and not the eyes.

So, our real filter is our brain. It filters the image captured through the lens of our eyes according to our understanding.

Eyes on the Brain.
What the Brain Tells the Eye
Do we see what we want to see?

Have you ever picked up a gallon milk bottle that you thought was full when it was empty instead? You realize your mistake as soon as you begin to lift the bottle because your hand and bottle fly over your head. Your brain assumed that the bottle was heavier than it was and thus instructed your muscles to exert more force than was necessary. Before we make any voluntary movement, a great deal of planning, which is largely unconscious, takes place in our brain.
The same is true for perception.

Since our eyes sense what is around us, it’s easy to think that our visual system is quiescent (inactive) unless stimulated by something from the outside. However, what we see is governed to a large extent by what we expect to see. As with our movements, our brain sets us up in advance for what we will see.

Like in a crowd you will always locate a known face easily🎃. Say, when I go shopping somehow I fish all the whites kept in any damn corner. The attraction for that colour, you see👕. In a table full of pastries,my eyes halt only on my favourite chocolate pastry 🍰. While taking a walk I wouldn’t miss any trees which has flowers. Love for flowers,huh!

Often, I just pass by someone I know and not even notice them. Either I am occupied in my mind with some thoughts or I plainly wanna ignore that great personality😂

Many a times when i’m searching for that particular dress which I want it so badly. The entire house is upside down, I still don’t find it. Why?? Because I have given it in the laundry/ friend borrowed it/ with tailor. Eeehhh…yaahh!!! Dumb me!!😭

The other day it so happened. I was annoyed with the fact that I have been complaining to the building authorities about hygiene not maintained in the vicinity and still no strict action has been taken to look into the matter. Those few days wherever I go, see only trash, piles of more trash just wherever my eyes go and I’m like…grrr😭

The whole point here, i’m trying to make is that, what we look for, through our lenses (eyes) is what we get. Be it, out of choices, habits, emotions, consciously or unconsciously.

Our brain/ mind plays a major role in giving definition, meaning to those images in our lenses, which in turn defines many things and aspects of ourselves, gradually mould our lives too.

The journey of our lenses to our senses….

… to be continued (next post), where we talk about filters.


It would be wonderful to know any of those incidents where, you found something, you were exactly looking for. See you in the comment box.

Until then me saying..be rare, be you.. And I’m like..



BB Post #02- On Fear- Part-02.


to Surrender to anger.. maybe resentment / better you

to Jealousy… only destruction

to Grief… lifelessness

to Love….gain freedom but if you Fear you cannot Love.

Either Fear/ Love.

Either you live or manage somehow.

Again our choice👇

Become conscious..

Nurturing fear produces dangerous species on earth.

Today many threats are psychological rather than physical, but the same habitual impulse takes on the hold.

Like for me I feared death and emotions (positive)  ahem! ahem! too clichéd. LOL. With sense of reasoning and acceptance I overcame it. The fear of stage too, vanished when I chose to participate in Mother’s Dance Act for my kiddo’s annual day. At the end of the performance I was like damn!!! **I RULE**. The moment still crisp in my memory. Best part is, l loved it so much. I want to experience it over again. You won’t believe, until my teenage I won school elocution and fancydress competitions🙈

So, I’m telling you it’s all in our stupid mind as we become adults (I don’t know if we grow up.LOL) just keep stacking nonsense from our daily lives. Observing subconsciously frequent images of emotions (mental level) and behaviour (physical level) created by people/ media. Leading us to the concept of LEARNED FEAR.

Research has found that fears or worries can run in families. It may be that certain fear reactions are inherited, but we do not have to live with them just because they may be inherited.

Liberate our mind with certain kinds of images that we create about ourselves, others, job, relationships, future and many more concepts insulated in regions of our mind.

Fear (Motivational) either wakes you up or locks (Demotivational) you down.

Sadguru also says –


I say…

…. the protective emotion of fear in us is positive. Until it is only for that bare necessity. For instance, someone who isn’t a strong swimmer might have a fear of deep water. In this case, the fear is helpful because it cautions the person to stay safe. Someone could overcome this fear by learning how to swim safely. A fear can be healthy if it cautions a person to stay safe around.

Rest all is just bull, drop it NOW!!! Rise above the definitions, challenge the status quo and take charge of your mind.



Technique to overcome Fear…

Krishna says that every time we experience fear we must remember that at the same time there is something fearless inside us too. Every time we doubt there is part of us that is doubtless. Every time we are sad there is a part of us that is still happy. This is so important to know. Write it down and fear will never overtake you. Whenever you feel fear read it and know you can be fearless.

So we are all born with a dual nature. Our lower nature consists of all of these emotions such as fear but we also have a higher nature which is above all of that. So even when you are experiencing incredible fear your consciousness is always fearless. You just need to tap into it. Everything else is trivial.

The next step is to execute in the field of action. This is where you are actually experiencing fear. Remember that something in you is fearless. Keep remembering as those thoughts come. As your fear increases you increase your fearlessness. Make sure your surface stays calm. You don’t need to know how just know that your consciousness is fearless.

Find your switch, cut through the darkness of fear. It might take a while to find the switch. But going from fear to fearlessness is only a flick away…


Discover the universe within for that universe doesn’t fear it’s luminescence!


So, what is your thought process my dear readers. Do mention your technique to overcome fear in the comment box below. Thank you for your time🙏


Most childhood fears pass with time, learning, and support from caring adults.Older children may need reassurance and support from parents while they learn to cope with worry and fear and gain confidence in dealing with life’s challenges. We need to do away with learned fear.

Note to Behna (Sister)- Hoping I have answered your question upto the mark and it proves to be helpful. Thank you, again🙏  BB trophy shall be given in next BB post. Stay Blessed! Lots of Love and hugs…Until next time….

#BeRare #BeYou…because