Reckon your REFUGE!

= the state of being safe or sheltered from pursuit, danger, or difficulty.
Refuge is an escape from one thing may be we cannot face to the other thing which may be gives us peace or make us feel safe. Safe is all what we want to feel. Security is what we want. We humans fear too much, hence we have this need to feel safe constantly.
With the series of disappointment , hurt, failure, our source of refuge keeps changing, also may be with age it does too.
All of us seek refuge in something or the other. It may be a person ( friends, spouse, parents, children) ,God, it could be music, art, poetry, travel, books, movies, gyming, gaming, gossiping,slumbering, slogging at work, savings, bank balance, lavish shopping spree, degrees, medals, fame, material gains, addiction, etc,etc. Phew!!! It’s endless number of things.
All these things may give us peace and safety but, it is all temporary (ooi ma!!! Too philosophical? Naaahh!!). All this to me is hiding but not sheltering from danger. We run from one burrow to another all our life. Seeking safety from danger around us. When all the danger is within us.
Dangers like misunderstanding, ignorance, ego, needless hurtful talks and comments, lie, anger, rigidity, pointing fingers, lie, self obsession, false self identity, superiority, animosity. You name it we do it, without a second thought.
Danger is within us, then how can we get peace from an outside source?
The real refuge I say is within us, do away all the dangers within and you are safe everywhere and trust me from evrything ,then- ‘Almighty becomes your compass and your soul your Google map.’

……..à suivre!!!


…you can be a nice person to at least one person you have lived beautifully

….you can be soft to at least one person you have a heart

…you can be kind to at least one person you are a human

…you can make at least one person smile you are a delight

…you can show faith in at least one person you have given chances to possibilities

…you can drop all your fears in front of one person once indeed at least you loved truly!

After all we all live in IF’s (conditions) and BUT’s (reason)…

Just that these few genuine IF’s will create less IF’s and more WHY NOT’ s?

Definitely more power within and life around. It restores the faith in our being because

No One Is You And That Is Your Power!


I’m glad to announce my Youtube Channel-

Bakkbakk Jay

Happy Watching:)


….choose to be expensive with thoughts but not things

….choose to create an impact but not an impression

….choose to stay silent but not quiet

…..choose grace but not grandeur

….choose path but not directions

…..choose ME but not my image!!!


No One Is You And That Is Your Power!




…. choose to dress up but not kill (it just happens LOL).

BB post #03- FItnEss anD nutrItIon

Guys it’s or mail me

I would also like to take this opportunity to give away the much coveted BB tropy to my pyari (loveable) Behna (Sister) Miss Aishwarya Kachhawa, for giving the last BB question on Fear.

As the ritual goes, she had to answer few questions… Here it goes

Q.01. What would you feel/ say / react if in a lift you come across two more females dressed exactly the way you are dressed?. And You’ll happen to enter the function together 😂

Ans.01. Hey! We guys are matching! Let me take a selfie👻

Q.02 what’s your super power?

Ans.02. Being Kind and Humble

Q.03. How happy are you to receive this trophy what it means and your emotions towards it / acceptance speech..

Ans.03. Wow! I received a Trophy! It adds a little more happiness to know this. Thank you! ❤

One more award..

To everyone’s favourite Vishal Dutia. It is just a very small effort to make you feel special. Thank you again. I cannot write as beautiful as you do.

Until then take very good care of yourselves. Waiting eagerly for your health and fitness related queries. Don’t you forget

No One Is You And That Is Your Power!

Stay Infected.

How I wish if I could infect people with…

A disarming smile when someone is mad at you for no reason = Fight avoided.

A kind word to a sad face= Happy face.

A hug to an irritated person = Calm person.

A thank you to cab driver, watchman, help= Good day.

A support to oldies / disabled / pregnant women in public places= Better person.

Be patient and follow the rules= Better Society.

To say when you are hurt to same person who hurt you= bond intact.

A calm stare at a loud voice= Silence served.

At a store/ food joint / work greet the staff with their names = Startling smile.

Try comforting a crying baby= Priceless achievement.

Rescue/ Feed a stray= Content soul.

After a wedding or party donate all of the flowers to a nursing home= Boundless joy.

For once celebrate your special day in an orphanage/ old age home= Lives touched.

Hold the elevator. Pause- think, “Am I really in that much of a rush that an extra minute will hurt me?”= A Smile earned.

Offer water /drink to your mail carrier/ garbage men/ guards= Humanity restored.

Cook an extra portion of dinner (or dessert) for the needy= Blessing earned.

Ask your child to say a thank you prayer for martyrs and their families before going to bed= Value life.

On Memorial Day or Veteran’s Day, go to your local memorial or event and pass out mini flags or flowers to Veterans= Immense pride.

If you are a teacher/ dancer/ singer/ artist teach the poor children for free= wow! It’s worth it.

I wish these infections increase in leaps and bounds leaving no life on earth untouched.

Please please if you are the infected one then don’t see a Sarciologist. Just be the virus. We need more of it now.

Let’s keep Sarcasm for the stupid (who do not understand the language of kindness) = Argument avoided.

Kindness also doesn’t mean you are kind to ‘ xyz’ on the street, in public where people notice. They praise you. Wonderful human! Saviour! But once you are home or your own country you are absolutely opposite of it. Don’t do that. Do it because it makes you feel human adding within a bit more beauty in your own being. Do it because it will take you closer to the You_Ness in You! Do it because..

No One Is You And That Is Your Power!!!

(P.S. Annually 13th November is celebrated as World Kindness Day ( started in 1998) I’m like… Really???? Do we need a day? To fill our world with kindness!)