Lost and Found.

#Lose yourself in music to find a Connection

#Lose yourself in nature to find Beauty

#Lose yourself in meditation to find Balance

#Lose yourself in the moment to find Life

#Lose yourself in someone to find the new You

#Lose your cool and just to find people dead (lol)

I also keep losing things…grrr.. Anyway. I learnt that it’s important to lose.

Lose a match, fight, relationship, phone (arghhh), wallet, clothes, shoes, people,etc. Oh no I won’t say losing makes us humble.

I say …

We lose just to find (upgraded versions).

The whole process of losing and finding adds meaning to ourselves. The Buddha says ‘Life is a balance of holding on and letting go’.

Hold on to yourself and let go of what you are not. Lose all that doesn’t belong to you.

Search only for your own self. You may be lost due to relationships, work, society, community, religion, etc. Search only what makes you -YOU irrespective of anything.

Never leave the conquest of knowing yourself and finding the new YOU for…



Idea Credit-my buds Vishal Mural

Editor-my ladoo neice D.C.

5 Random Things I Wanna Do..

1.To sit as a pillion on a moving bike. WONDER WOMAN 😝

(for this maybe I have to learn skates from my kiddo)

2.To steal bite from someone’s plate in a

crowded party. YES!!YES!!YES!!

(now that’s easy!! Just that I have to be quick.i didn’t find find the exact GIF🙄)

3.To burgle this damn shop and relish every bite..


 (i would plan this theft with pallu)

4.Wink at the bartender and get a drink for free…


(oh! I need to practise this)

5.To dance with govinda on New York streets maybe. OMG I AM GONNA FAINT

(this I am all geared up for)


I may not know to wait patiently in a que- but I know to be patient with life

I may not know to double the money- but I know to double the things money cannot buy

I may not know to wipe tears- but I know not to make someone cry

I may not know to make someone happy- but I know to make them laugh

I may not know to give an advice- but I know to give my experience

I may not know to write a poetry – but I know to be poet

I may not know the correct words- but I know the correct people to give my words

I may not know to be sweet- but I know to have substance

I may not know to keep a tab- but I know not to lose what doesn’t need a tab

I may not know to be obedient- but I know to keep respect

I may not know to love- but I know to have faith in

I may not know to be fast- but I know to be make heart beat faster (lol)

I may not know to save a life- but I know to keep a life safe

I may not know many things

But I still know many many things

At the end it’s all about..

#Be to Be-lieve!!! Whatever you believe in, You be that first.

That reinforces the beliefs.

Beliefs do change as we change with time .

Break the beliefs create new benchmark for your being.

Create your new self everyday with knowing what you don’t know.

On the whole process of one basic rule applies don’t kill your soul.

Know what makes your soul soar and that’s the only thing you must always know..

…And never forget..

No One Is You And That Is Your Power!