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Hello 👋 and Namastey 🙏 Behna Blog is back with the most spectacular behna I have known. I take immense pride in dedicating this post to her- debut of BB-SEASON 02. I guess words, just don’t and just always fail to articulate when it’s strong emotions 🤦 unlike my fellow bloggers@ especially Sha🙄 In my […]


The Kid in me will give you  the wonder I engulf. The Girl in me will give you the pep I  adorn. The Lady in me will give you the poise I inherit. But Beware, We are not maps leading to defects or voices made of silence Our color is not period Our emotions are […]


…be the light be the light blah blah plah plah Heard this umpteenth times Light is life Light is spark My kiddo says ‘Light is God’ I believe we all are LIGHT!!! So my idea is not to be the light but… Be the air which enables the other life breathe. The air which liberates, […]