The Kid in me will give you  the wonder I engulf.

The Girl in me will give you the pep I  adorn.

The Lady in me will give you the poise I inherit.

But Beware,
We are not maps
leading to defects
or voices made of silence

Our color is not period
Our emotions are not a pinwheel

We have the ****
that creates generations

We are your creators
We are human
We are WOMAN

The “WOMAN” in me will not give you a “DAMN

p.s. collaboration with vishal dutia


…be the light

be the light

blah blah

plah plah

Heard this umpteenth times

Light is life

Light is spark

My kiddo says ‘Light is God’

I believe we all are LIGHT!!!

So my idea is not to be the light but…

Be the air which enables the other life breathe.

The air which liberates, frees and,

…….guys please don’t exaggerate it with oxygen.

Like you can’t do without someone and you need that

someone to breathe. Or else you would die.

Air means pure, simple, unprejudiced, light-hearted,

easy going, accepting, practical persona.


A gust of fresh air

Carrying fragrance of your being

Touching lives

Brightening the light

Illuminating your world.

Also be the wind and storm when(LOL) needed, to save

your own light.

I sum it up saying…

Don’t be someone’s need

Don’t be someone’s greed


where someone can breathe!

P.S. The velocity and molecular formula of air would

always be subject to market change😎 for maximum


Define the Meaning.

What you add meaning to….defines you!!

definition of intensity gives
meaning to your emotions

definition of choices gives
meaning to your being

definition of voice gives
meaning to your consciousness

definition of words gives
meaning to your vibes

definition of sincerity gives
meaning to your tribe

Like for me
Strangeness is beauty

Look in the eye is make up

Inhibition free is joy

Wisdom is strength

Question is courage

Too many definitions, perhaps only you add meaning to it by how you define it..


No One Is You And That Is Your Power.

Do Not Follow Any Code

Be The Code


Is meditation sitting with closed eyes, correct posture

and zero thoughts in mind in a dim lit room. Is

meditation only chanting. Or is it going on so called

meditation camps.

I asked one of my blogger friends and he retorted-

Meditation Is Sound Of Silence’.

It resonated with me in many aspects. Introspection lead

to many notes (sound) of silence in day to day life.

That is…

I am provoked to get raged- i chose to stay controlled…


I am made to feel worthless- I chose not to break down…


I am put down with words- I chose to stay mum…


I am accused of else’s failure- i chose to laugh it off…Meditation?


I am human after all. Don’t expect me to be meditative

all the time. Grrr!!! Yes, I do speak fluent sarcasm,

get raged, utter filth, fret, fume.

But, it ends there. No grudges, no malice.

Do NOT let it sink in YOU. Do NOT allow it to take a place in YOU. Yes You Are Sacred. So Is Your Energy.

Channelise It Consciously.

Letting go and rising above the situations put on us.

Remain stable, reflective, contemplative within. Living

consciously is meditation in every breathe.

(Couldn’t refrain myself from sharing this🙈

Courtesy- Same Blogger Friend)

I shared it not because it is for me. I shared it because he
put it so beautifully ❤. ️

Dictionary definition…


Live Life as YOU ARE!!!





Self Justification ... (Psychology describes)

how, when a person encounters a situation in which a person’s behavior is inconsistent with their beliefs, that person tends to justify the behavior and deny any negative feedback associated with the behavior.

Oh! come on.

how, .many many times we all have done that and still do it….


For example:-

#Misbehave then justify your behavior.

#Use inappropriate words then justify your language.

These are two aspects to justification

#not owning
We just don’t want to own up our wrong behavior, misconduct, bad decisions and just about anything what we find negative.

We also want to find REASONS to validate what we don’t want to own up because we would be criticised.

Justification is like you act and justify it.

Say it and then justify it.

I mean..


To whom?

and for what?


Act/ Say it with all the reasons

and leave no reasons at all to justify it.

Just try it people. You would feel no less than a superhuman.

Nullify reasons

Quantify your actions

Justify Nothing

Beautify Your Being

Just be the damn YOU.

As I always say…


(P.S. justification is a waste of time and energy. It is also poor poor sense of self. Mystification is better than justification. Just Go For It lol)