Tribe or Feminism?

I wanted to write this from so long. Without further delay I find today to be the most auspicious ๐Ÿคช day to put forth my frustration/ anger/ complain. The thing is I am quiet bugged about the waves of -isms buzzing around.

I particularly want to talk about waves of feminism hitting the globe. Historically the wave of feminism dealt with various social, political and cultural disparity women faced across the globe. Presently in Fourth-wave of Feminism which started in 2008 focusing on combatting sexual harassment, assault and misogyny. Which are apparently grave issues affecting women across the globe. I don’t want to mock anyone or any movement here.

It’s just the hype which is always surrounded with it is much of my concern. It’s weirdly shocking to see men and women arguing to prove their point of being a so called Feminist.

What bugs me the most is how that women in 21st century (considering the scenarios of metropolitan cities and country like us) are still struggling to still prove a point or make a mark or make their position more stronger than their male counterparts or it’s purely for entertainment or maybe it’s just the ‘in-thing’

I somehow fail to relate to this buzz and understanding of their point of concern (it would be great if any of you could enlighten me)

I find feminism itself so self obsessed with the feminine that it is creating walls more than encompassing it with one whole beautiful existence of our being in the universe which is so magical.

I think we need a Fifth-wave๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ™„ of Feminism where it is transformed to Humanism. It’s not about gender but about being a human and supporting men or women irrespective of any discrimination.

My question here-Is feminism mocking it’s own existence? Are we over doing it and losing it’sown identity in the urge to prove too much. Or, we are just showing too much and doing nothing on the ground level and playing around with one more mask, being absolute hypocrites that we are.

I think more than any kind of -isms we need to stand for the consciousness in us which keeps us human. We need to learn to stand for one’s own self without masking it in any -isms.

It takes hell a lot of courage to ‘be what you want to be‘ than following any -isms. I guess if we can do that assertively we need no -isms to prove/ improve /revolutionize the status quo.

I end it on a self note๐Ÿ‘†

As I truly believe each one of us have the power within only when we feel comprehensive with the whole universal existence without barricading our identity (which we seek so desperately at every point in our life) to anything /anyone.

Be/ Create a contagious tribe that refuse to be bound but infuse to bind within to prove nothing but live relentlessly striving to be better version to reinforce as No One Is You And That Is Your Power!

31 thoughts on “Tribe or Feminism?

  1. Very brave of u to actually not go with the so called ill hyped feminism which sometimes backfires on women.. On the other hand the male have no voices to raise due to some pseudo feminists.. In a world where women are living in thr extremes – either too low esteemed or highly esteemed, men who have a good opinion on supporting women sometimes think twice to do so to avoid becoming a victim of feminazis. Well your post agrees to this aspect of taking a step closer to humanity is highly admired by these men in the society.. Together we can upkift the societal norms… Keep it up

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  2. Very well expressed Jay. I eco your thoughts and views on this. Humanity over any ism is what we must look..
    And if you want to call out in this day and age.. than meritocracy above gender must prevail..

    Keep writing Jay.. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

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  3. Brilliant, I have no time for feminism at all, I believe in being a woman which is purely feminine using the natural skills we were manifested with. I agree with being more humanitarian too it is about justice for women and men not to get caught up with the “whole I am a woman” Life is more than one gender, men were given the predominant role as life dictated as such then women started working and earning but the equality was never given as it was always viewed the man had a family to maintain and majority of women went to work to top up the family income. Until single parents came into being. This is where women started to demand equality and fair enough it is right, I was a single parent and did the same job as the men and received less pay. This is about job equality not feminism.

    We need to focus on the improvements of the Earth the survival of the population and the planet we live on. Pleased you wrote about this. Blessings

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  4. Hey Jayshree, your post was totally worth a read, at first glimpse when I read the title I thought yet another feminism post (With due honor by not mocking any feminist out there) but just gave a thought of reading it coz of interesting addition of “tribe” to the title. Whole concept of your article concentrating on humanity over any kind of -isms totally resonated with my thoughts on this too. In short, splendid write up. Looking forward for your many more such posts to come in future too. ๐Ÿ™‚ Peace at all timeโœŒ

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    1. Hey Richard.. Thank you. Appreciate your comment.
      Welcome to my space๐Ÿ™
      Yeah! like totally. I’m so bugged with -isms.
      Next post on hypocrites maybe or something on why we obsessed over society than self.. Rattling my thoughts ๐Ÿ˜Š

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      1. Haha.. (Smiled instantly the moment I read your next post topic) Well thought post is on its way then.. Hypocrites and societal obsession over self (Surely, next big thing after all -isms though!).. Eagerly looking forward for it now then.. All the best for it โœŒ๐Ÿ™‚

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      2. Haha true that.. Smiles are contagious. And thank you for that compliment Jayshree. Glad that we had a smileful conversation to start many more such conversations in future.. Cheers๐Ÿ˜‡โœŒ

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      1. ๐Ÿ™‚ always my pleasure.. Girl lady then woman.. This is how it should be. But girl and boy should be there whenever we want.. Regardless of age.

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  5. hi jayshree, I respect the way you put your thoughts. like, someone said, i may not agree with you but I will forever defend your right to say.
    like you, even I used to think of the same points. but feminism cant be humanism because humans as in totality are not oppressed. historically, women have had to face subjugation at the hands of patriarchy. when two people are different level fields, it is important to pull up the ones who are lower. all power structures have this basic principle. feminism is not biological. men can be feminists, and women can be patriarchal. now, regarding the hype around things, i believe that is because today our sources of information have increased in multiplicity which is why we get the allusion of a hype. in older times, people could only express through oral or print media to limited people. today, there’s twitter, instagram, WhatsApp, facebook……every person has something to say. many times the cases dealt by these movements are very sensitive which is they deserve urgent and widespread retribution. my mother doesn’t know the history of feminism, but she doesn’t let anybody put her down for her sex, that is feminism itself. we all believe we have been imposed certain limitations that we try to break out of. whether it be staying out after dark, or wanting to become the first american president. all of us women are feminist in our own sense and none of us is lesser than the other. we are all learners here, we must all try to read more and understand the crux of the matter. ๐Ÿ™‚ – Feminist Forever

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    1. Hey…so glad..thank you for dropping by and leaving beautiful imprints .
      I understand and appreciate your point of view. I am a learner for life..shall try to learn more and re-think on the term again๐Ÿ˜‡just for your efforts
      -An Awakener Always

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