Q. Do we women inflict self pity, baggage, bondage and all that weighs us down?

Ans. Here is what few of my friends have to say –

Friend1- That’s used by few as an amour to gain sympathy
And some men just fall for it

They use it as a means to get over their past baggage by resorting to get comforted by a new person
It’s such a trick at times
He feels pity and she’s plays victim in his eyes , feeling lost lonely and dejected in life
She gives you the feeling that the man is not like other men who’ve ill treated her n misused her
But that’s such a ploy

Friend2- Not at alll….
It’s clear NO☺

Friend3- Yes they do
It’s as if built-in psycology …
Since ages n centuries it’s sort of thought process that runs in us and runs us
To change…It needs a lot of work on the mindsets of females ….a gradual process
Inspire change and then act.

Friend4- I think intentionally or unintentionally we all sympathise with ourselves. We all feel that grass is greener on other side. One has to understand everyone has their own battles and the only way to get things done is taking them head-on. One can keep cribbing, crying and bitch about how life is unfair and take self pity,. But that does not solve anything, you are back to where you are / were. When you look at Nick Vujicic or Team Hoyt videos and see them do stuff and with pride and dignity. Makes one feel our problems were not that big, if they can handle that we can handle this.

To be continued…. where I answer my perspective…

Thank you guys for being such a sport and answering me without any qualms. You guys would be rewarded BB-Trophy for it… WoOOO hoooo!!!

And my dear readers please chip in your answers too in the comment section below….I am waiting!!!!!!

21 thoughts on “BB-REVISED #01

  1. Most Women are far beyond trivial words like self-pity and baggage. My experience is they are amazing souls, often so busy in managing multiple things in life, they don’t have time for such unwanted things. They are selfless, driven, multi-tasking and above all what keeps the less mortal souls like us driven.
    Lastly, there are exceptions to the rule. But I am not talking about exceptions here 😊😊

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  2. Hi, I agree with friend #1. I have seen this all too often. The Vampire women or Jezebels. They make it hard for the genuine woman who works hard at getting through life’s adversities and all women end up being treated the same which is wrong. We must differentiate between the two and the same goes for men. We all unfairly get tarred with the same brush when in actual fact there are many unique people out there.

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