#Behna #Blog #Season02

Hello 👋 and Namastey 🙏

Behna Blog is back with the most spectacular behna I have known. I take immense pride in dedicating this post to her- debut of BB-SEASON 02.

I guess words, just don’t and just always fail to articulate when it’s strong emotions 🤦 unlike my fellow bloggers@ especially Sha🙄

In my futile attempt I still chose to express the bond we share…and

..you know..whatttttt!!!!!!…. best things just happen.

We just happen to meet through a school reunion then watsapp texts, meet ups, and damn we never spoke in school. Funny!!!!

The most outstanding quality I find in her is that she takes of care of your minute detail which even you may miss, just pleasantly surprises you. She has great sense of humour, great sense judgement, excellent pillion navigator ( as suggested by one of her other friends), warrior queen,hardcore traveller and an optimist.

She may not say but she still says in many ways. She is an amazingly outstanding persona with a beautiful mind and gorgeous soul.

I present to you …..

My BB season02 trophy’s proud recipient Miss Pallavi Shetye.

Following are her answers…

Q1. What would you feel/ say / react if in a lift you come across two more females dressed exactly the way you are dressed?. And You’ll happen to enter the function together 😂

Ans. Hey! Nice outfit

Q2. What is your superpower?

Ans. Optimism. Smile

Q3. How happy are you to receive this trophy what it means and your emotions towards it / acceptance speech.

Ans. Very happy! Can’t express in words☺️😎🤩

8 thoughts on “#Behna #Blog #Season02

  1. How sweet ! Such a nice way to make someone feel good about them. This is the best way to give back in friendship, letting know the people around you how good this pallu is. And this only comes from another good person. Cheers and keep writing

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  2. It’s a great feeling to see your friend right here. Jay I can’t agree more. Well said.

    I bet, GPS can mislead you at times but here come Pallu. She’ll not only navigate but is aware of speed breakers, potholes. Google still need to up to her pace.

    I thank God that we bumped few years back. If not, I wouldn’t have met such an personality. (Echo that above). I feel I know her for a long time.

    Someone who puts her family and friends first. She herself is last priority.

    The perfectionist at work. Asset to the Firm.

    She is few on words and an great listener. Having said that never get bored by her company. Be happy and be the great pillion ever…

    Thank you Jay. This feels great 👍🏻

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