Reckon your REFUGE!

= the state of being safe or sheltered from pursuit, danger, or difficulty.
Refuge is an escape from one thing may be we cannot face to the other thing which may be gives us peace or make us feel safe. Safe is all what we want to feel. Security is what we want. We humans fear too much, hence we have this need to feel safe constantly.
With the series of disappointment , hurt, failure, our source of refuge keeps changing, also may be with age it does too.
All of us seek refuge in something or the other. It may be a person ( friends, spouse, parents, children) ,God, it could be music, art, poetry, travel, books, movies, gyming, gaming, gossiping,slumbering, slogging at work, savings, bank balance, lavish shopping spree, degrees, medals, fame, material gains, addiction, etc,etc. Phew!!! It’s endless number of things.
All these things may give us peace and safety but, it is all temporary (ooi ma!!! Too philosophical? Naaahh!!). All this to me is hiding but not sheltering from danger. We run from one burrow to another all our life. Seeking safety from danger around us. When all the danger is within us.
Dangers like misunderstanding, ignorance, ego, needless hurtful talks and comments, lie, anger, rigidity, pointing fingers, lie, self obsession, false self identity, superiority, animosity. You name it we do it, without a second thought.
Danger is within us, then how can we get peace from an outside source?
The real refuge I say is within us, do away all the dangers within and you are safe everywhere and trust me from evrything ,then- ‘Almighty becomes your compass and your soul your Google map.’

……..ร  suivre!!!

36 thoughts on “Reckon your REFUGE!

    1. This post is priceless……Don’t skip,
      Please read this .
      You will find great relief ,
      if you are disturbed.
      It’s a request…….
      Once Buddha was traveling with a few of his followers.
      While they were passing a lake, Buddha told one of his disciples,
      “I am thirsty.
      Do get me some water from the lake.”
      The disciple walked up to the lake.
      At that moment,
      a bullock cart started crossing through the lake.
      As a result,
      The water became very muddy and turbid.
      The disciple thought,
      “How can I give this muddy water to Buddha to drink?”
      So he came back and told Buddha,
      “The water in there is very muddy.
      I don’t think it is fit to drink.”
      After about half an hour, again Buddha asked the same disciple to go back
      to the lake.
      The disciple went back,
      and found that the water was still muddy.
      He returned and informed Buddha about the same.
      After sometime,
      again Buddha asked the same disciple to go back.
      This time, the disciple found the mud had settled down, and the water was clean and clear.
      So he collected some water in a pot and brought it to Buddha.
      Buddha looked at the water, and then he looked up at the disciple and said,
      “See what you did to make the water clean.
      You let it be,
      and the mud settled down on its own,
      and you have clear water.”
      Your mind is like that too ! When it is disturbed,
      just let it be.
      Give it a little time.
      It will settle down on its own.
      You don’t have to put in any effort to calm it down.
      It will happen.
      It is effortless.”
      Having ‘Peace of Mind’ is not a strenuous job,
      it is an effortless process๐Ÿ‘Œso keep ur mind cool and have a great life ahead…
      Never leave Your close ones.
      If you find few faults in them just close Your eyes
      ‘n Remembr the best time You spent together…
      Affection is More Important than Perfection..!
      Neither you can hug yourself….
      nor you can cry on your own shoulder….
      Life is all about living for one another,
      so live with those who love you the most…
      Relations cannot be Understood by the Language of Money…
      Some Investments Never Give Profit
      But They Make us rich…!

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  1. U are rigid and that’s not a refuge… And I disagree with this blog to an extent… As refuge is what is sought outside as well as inside… But well written…๐ŸŒน

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  2. “Danger is within us, then how can we get peace from an outside source?” … the only beauty of life is in its instant… and instant always will be full of danger, whatever is unknown to mind is always a danger to it but it is the real beauty of life which lie in unknown… ๐Ÿ™‚

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