Is meditation sitting with closed eyes, correct posture

and zero thoughts in mind in a dim lit room. Is

meditation only chanting. Or is it going on so called

meditation camps.

I asked one of my blogger friends and he retorted-

Meditation Is Sound Of Silence’.

It resonated with me in many aspects. Introspection lead

to many notes (sound) of silence in day to day life.

That is…

I am provoked to get raged- i chose to stay controlled…


I am made to feel worthless- I chose not to break down…


I am put down with words- I chose to stay mum…


I am accused of else’s failure- i chose to laugh it off…Meditation?


I am human after all. Don’t expect me to be meditative

all the time. Grrr!!! Yes, I do speak fluent sarcasm,

get raged, utter filth, fret, fume.

But, it ends there. No grudges, no malice.

Do NOT let it sink in YOU. Do NOT allow it to take a place in YOU. Yes You Are Sacred. So Is Your Energy.

Channelise It Consciously.

Letting go and rising above the situations put on us.

Remain stable, reflective, contemplative within. Living

consciously is meditation in every breathe.

(Couldn’t refrain myself from sharing this🙈

Courtesy- Same Blogger Friend)

I shared it not because it is for me. I shared it because he
put it so beautifully ❤. ️

Dictionary definition…


Live Life as YOU ARE!!!



28 thoughts on “ME.DITATION.

  1. Its hard to practice the art of silence when your mind is constantly shouting. To block certain things is hard and to just let go even harder. Hats off to those who are able to do it. Good post jay😊

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  2. Meditation 😊me too striving it hard to practice this art…….but really a good post jay which shows that the art of meditation is within u so practice daily😘👌

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  3. Meditation does not work for me. I prefer to empower my soul over the mind to calm it. When things go wrong in life I remain in control. I do not require to meditate to solve the problem. I ask God to help me solve the problem. Bless you

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  4. Nice post Jay!!

    Generally people have taken MEDITATION in a very wrong way, they mean it as a act, act to do by sitting in a certain posture and moreover people think meditation is to make thoughts zero, fighting with thoughts… that is totally wrong, foolishness!!

    ☝First thing, every act of your life is a meditation if you do it with your presence.. Awareness, being THE WITNESS!! The act performed without total presence is just waste because if you are not present life is machine like… ✌Second thing, it is not about making thoughts zero, if no thoughts in mind it will be defective, one will need medical care… Thoughts are always there, the river of thoughts will always flow as it is without any change… only one who was standing inside the river, come out of thought the river and see thoughts flowing separately as a WITNESS… can process thoughts rather than driven by the river of thoughts!!

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  5. I think it’s not about sound of silence it’s about sound of your conscience calming the mind is okay it’s a part btt meditation is not only about calming the mind it’s beyond that it’s a tool for knowing the highest energy (prana) of this universe that you are made up off..

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