43 thoughts on “Culture/ Vulture

  1. We are so used to complexities and clutter in our mind that it is so difficult for us to see a situation from an unbiased perspective ( relationships, job, friendship)
    We react quickly and think less. We Condemn more but create less.

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  2. The problem is that we can only write on WordPress.. which even i do.. and which is absolutely useless, because maximum rapes in our country happen in remote areas where there is no connectivity.. many have wriiten these inspiring articles.. good hou are among the one.. are you gonna implement it ? Noooo… We INDIANS can write.. ground work is fucking zero…


  3. I know the rapes in your country and other countries and my country have to stop. If we do not write about them here or any where society loses out on the use of this avenue of expression. Your blog asks lots of questions. We all need to search within ourselves as to what we stand for and what we stand against in our societies across the world. Thanks for the thoughts of wisdom and hope !!

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