….choose to be expensive with thoughts but not things

….choose to create an impact but not an impression

….choose to stay silent but not quiet

…..choose grace but not grandeur

….choose path but not directions

…..choose ME but not my image!!!


No One Is You And That Is Your Power!




…. choose to dress up but not kill (it just happens LOL).

38 thoughts on “I….

  1. Choosing is tempting.Sometimes the courage to choose what’s right for you also depends on the situation you are in at present.. but you have to make a choice , right or wrong, you have to decide

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  2. Good one rinkoo…i too believe, its individual choice..and evry day brings new choices but i too believe in god who always gives his best to those who leave the choice with him😍

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  3. Choice🤔d toughest thing to do😉at least for me I guess 🙄but very true u hav to make one for oneself n for me choose to be expensive by thoughts n not things superrr choice👌great

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