BB post #03- FItnEss anD nutrItIon

Guys it’s or mail me

I would also like to take this opportunity to give away the much coveted BB tropy to my pyari (loveable) Behna (Sister) Miss Aishwarya Kachhawa, for giving the last BB question on Fear.

As the ritual goes, she had to answer few questions… Here it goes

Q.01. What would you feel/ say / react if in a lift you come across two more females dressed exactly the way you are dressed?. And Youโ€™ll happen to enter the function together ๐Ÿ˜‚

Ans.01. Hey! We guys are matching! Let me take a selfie๐Ÿ‘ป

Q.02 what’s your super power?

Ans.02. Being Kind and Humble

Q.03. How happy are you to receive this trophy what it means and your emotions towards it / acceptance speech..

Ans.03. Wow! I received a Trophy! It adds a little more happiness to know this. Thank you! โค

One more award..

To everyone’s favourite Vishal Dutia. It is just a very small effort to make you feel special. Thank you again. I cannot write as beautiful as you do.

Until then take very good care of yourselves. Waiting eagerly for your health and fitness related queries. Don’t you forget

No One Is You And That Is Your Power!

15 thoughts on “BB post #03- FItnEss anD nutrItIon

  1. Thank You So Sweet I’m Always ready for a ride but u hv to tk me for ride as I don’t know to ride a bike yet.
    You Don’t Have To Make Me Feel Special You Are Specially Fixed In My Heart.. Soft corner Things You Know.
    Congrats Ashwariya
    Vishal Dutia

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  2. I have a question to ask you behen mera barson ka motapa kam karna hai….. tried too hard… bohot stubborn hai… stagnant weight loss remedy

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