Self Revolution…

The importance of knowing when to Stop!!!

It is equally important as a Start..

Start can be now, here,today. It’s any moment when you decide to ACT, that is a start.

But, when to do we decide that? At least for a person like me.. Who is a fighter, hardcore optimist and believes strongly in goodness.

When do I Stop..


Stop…when my voice falls on deaf ears

Stop…when my words are misunderstood

Stop…when my intentions are questioned

Stop…when my actions are judged

Stop…when my care is taken as disturbance

Stop..when my warmth is tagged as desperation

Stop…when my company is taken for granted

..and when I stop, I make sure it’s a stop and not a halt.

When you chose to say stop and have courage to act on it…is when you give a start to your being.

A staunch stop is directly proportional to the value you give to yourself.

Draw a line as to who gets to touch your being. Be choosy. Give in only to those worth your intensity and your genuineness. For you are rare. Not all deserve exclusivity.

Maintain distance for who are not your tribe..

We all are beautiful in our own way..respect all:)

Never ever forget….



Specially to youth readers… know when to stop when it’s an emotionally abusive relationship or drugs or alcohol or watching porn.

But be relentless when it’s your goals, aspirations, adding value and soul to your being.

96 thoughts on “Self Revolution…

    1. Hey B thank you for your comment. If it’s blur.. I assume it a Halt…Stop is near by maybe.. Just gather the courage to clear your wipers through your own truth…because I believe everyone’s truth is different. just stick to what doesn’t put a stop to your own being. All the best:)

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  1. Well said. it seems so simple to say stop but you never know when. You gave some clear guidelines for knowing when to stop and they are 100% right.
    Nice work!

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  2. Jay your getting better and better with each blog ..well articulated. I like the point you mentioned ” stop n not halt” well put across the tough part is to stick with it as your aware change is hard in d preliminary stages. Keep writing and thanks for sharing.

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      1. No, really, how does one stop watching excessive porn, or stop excessive drinking? How can one come to the realization that it is time to STOP.

        The points you made are surely good, but that’s when one is dealing with other people. How does one stop his or her own actions?

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      2. If you really ask’s when it disturbs your peace. Before the time comes..when your mind belongs there instead of being present where you are.
        Set a limit to it.. By taking it as an entertainment purpose. Also the fact that engage in more productive activities. These are simple and general things.
        Control it..before it controls you..
        And if it’s too late you think.. socialise more.. Or join some courses or classes which enhance your skills.. The excessive time which you are spending on porn or otherwise jus like that..


      3. Also it is very easy to start all this. But stop will take a bit time. You may get frustrated and feel like giving in… But don’t. .. Go one step at a time..little by little reduce it..all the best.
        My friend it’s all in our mind. But more you say no to it. The evil side pushes you more towards it . But that’s when you take the charge..all the best:) I hooe I could be of help.
        We just need to trick our psych..


  3. So true 👌🏻👍🏻Learn to say STOP…. n stop means not halt its a stop…. really u getting better to best to bestest … keep going😘👌🏻👍🏻

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  4. Hi Jay,

    you are great writer. Keep writing .
    You said it well. Stop is sometimes hard to say, but it is necessary.
    In my life, I have a situations where I don’t know what I want,but that’s why I always know what I do not want .Without exception.

    Stay blessed

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  5. STOP
    …when my words are misunderstood – An intellectual’s words are generally misunderstood ! So should they have STOP?
    …when my intentions are questioned – Intentions can’t clearly read by different profiled person So would it not make me alone in the Universe ?
    …when my actions are judged- Who is interested in me will try to understand me or read me through observing my acts… what would my gain if I STOP?
    Like everyone is beautiful in looks within her limitations of her looks, every one is wise within his/her interests….isn’t it?
    The world is beautiful… if we realise …. we too have to makeup ourselves to match with the beauty….. isn’t it?
    Being Hindian I may not reached up to proper meanings but these are just few questions arises and asked … SORRY!

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    1. Hi and namastey🙏 welcome to my space. Thank you for you for valueable comment I will try to ans it to best of my understanding.
      First of all don’t be sorry for speaking your mind. We all must have the courage to speak our mind without being unapologetic.
      Whatever I wrote is mostly on very personal and close relationship level.
      Also applies to the world outside to certain extent.
      You have answer in your question itself. As you mentioned..if someone has interest in you will observe you…and wont judge you. That answers all your questions.. EITHER YOU ARR JUDGED OR LOVED/ APPRECIATED. Hence those few will always be there with you through thick and thin. I am sure we all are that blessed.
      Yes everyone is wise enough maybe..but I think I person with no prejudice and open mind is wisest:)as he wants to learn and upgrade his new being every single day.
      Yes world is a beautiful place. It’s what we are strongly seeking we attract. World is made with us and for us..its only we can define it through our perception. For many its hell too 🙂
      Im hoping the answers were convinving enough. If you read my next post. You may gain more clarity.
      Thank you again🙏

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      1. अच्छा लगा कि आपने misunderstood नहीं कहा! आपकी अगली पोस्ट भी जरूर देखूंगा…. समझना, सीखना चाहता हूँ…. मेरी मान्यता है कि व्यक्ति माने या ना माने किंतु वह आजीवन सीखता है.. मरते दम तक…. मरते हुए मरना सीखता है… पहली बार और आकरी सीख…. धन्यवाद्!

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