82 thoughts on “Problem…

  1. Agreed. What ever we experience minds divides them pleasure or aversion.
    Pleasure we need more and more…Most intense aversion we see them as problem.
    Neither pleasure is pleasureable nor aversion is unpleasant.
    Both are different from each. Different vibration , may be different sensation. Our conditiong of mind plays a role but that too happen on conscious level.
    Still big mind remain untouched. We are more of big mind and it’s manifestation.
    Being conscious is the key …Can take you to equanimity.
    One who witness happening….Remain untouched . Away from doership yet witness doing .
    Finds everything perfect or imperfectly perfect. When everything is changing and in its transation phase how come perfection can be attained.
    On the background on changing there is something that never changes.
    Identifying self with permanence makes you witness to happening.
    Capable of see thoughts as thought , perception as perception. Mind as mind.
    And something beyond that….

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      1. Not good. Winter in this year it’s hard to me. My social phobia and depression problems have returned and I sitting all days in house or lie on bed. Next problems is my toxic parents…

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      2. Thanks *hugs* That’s right but I don’t know. I’m be scared what people thinking about me, my body and more like this. By the way when I was teenager I was bullied in school and maybe this phobia is old demon from teenage years

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      3. ..Hmmmm..Ok
        let them think….
        First you learn to accept and appreciate yourself the way You are. Other’s will automatically.
        You giving such negative vibes for your own self.
        It’s in ur mind solely.
        No one really cares. Childhood fear. Let it go…
        And you will overcome it. Only if you face it.
        So You decide!!!!

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      4. You have right. I’m must work about positive thinking and positive looking to myself.
        This gonna be hard way but I must belive with yourself. Thank you 🙂

        By the way… Merry, healthy and positive Christmas to You!

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      5. Yes… Plzzzzz our thinking our thoughts mould our lives.. this Christmas I gift you lots of positive and beautiful thoughts. .And healthy life.
        Toxic parents need more dose of your love maybe. Love can be a cure for anything. As love is extremely intoxicating:)
        Love filled Christmas 🙏

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      6. Aww, that’s words is really nice and helpful ❤
        Hmm, sorry but it's not gonna work. I mean… my father have alcohol problem many years and he doesn't wanna go to therapy, he has some negative sides like being homophobic, destroy my mother mentally, he hates black people too and not only this. I'm having good memories with him too, but in general he is not good human.

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      7. I’m spending Christmas in home. What about you? 😉
        I don’t have favourite movies genre. Only i don’t like romance and catastrophic movies.

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  2. बहुत अच्छे.. क्या लिखते हो आप. एक वाकया में अपने दुनिया समजा दी. 💐 आपका खूब खूब आभार. में दुआ करता हूँ कि अप्प फलो, खुभ फूलो, और हमेशा खुश रहो वत्स.

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      1. in this world of photos and videos… i thought poetry was a lost art… after starting my blog i have found so many talented poets and such beautiful poetry. I dont feel alone anymore.

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