47 thoughts on “Demography…

  1. Haha…Love around sea is amazing.

    Either we force or allow change is life keeps changing that is how it’s moving.

    One who try to control struggles . One who allow and become one which change without any prejudice witness life as it is.

    How the peace you are talking in this picture can be attained.

    Thanks for sharing wisdom.

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  2. उनके दिल की बस्ती में
    अब कोई और रहता है
    क्या फर्क पड़ता है
    जहाँ अब हम नहीं रहते
    उस घर में अब कौन कौन रहता है ।

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  3. hem says:

    I liked the thought that it’s up to us what to see in the picture..that is the bigger side of life.

    I can tell myself ..wake up! Its my perception and I should always find good and positive in everything..love u Jay..thanks ..I feel I am reinvoked..

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