47 thoughts on “Everything…

  1. It may be love & closeness which we have with god they are close to heart but beyond reach still we feel he is with us,
    And it may be the person close to heart always in the heart and kept away purposely coz that person shouldn’t go out of reach permanently…
    May be..

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  2. Well said Jayshree-ji
    ” हुस्न वालों की हर अदा होती है बड़ी क़ातिल “सागर”.!
    प्रोफइल पिक की तस्वीर भी जां लेने का माद्दा रखती.!! “

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      1. No ma’am aisa nahin hai……But…..last one….
        “मार डालने का काम शम्मा का होता है”सागर”.!
        परवाना तो बेचारा है इश्क़ में वही फनाह होता.!!”

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      2. शुक्रिया जयश्री जी इंतज़ार रहेगा….
        कोशिश से संसार में निर्बल सबल हुआ”सागर”.!
        लंगड़ों ने भी तैर पार किया बहता हुआ सागर.!!

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      1. Yes.. even there is a saying, if you love something you should not try to boss it.. you should let it go.. it’s like butterfly, we chase it it goes away, when we sit calm and waits for it to come.. it flutters on Our cheek ☺️

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  3. If its meant to come within reach again, it will. If it doesnt, maybe its for the best. Either way out of reach physically only, once close to heart will remain there forever ♥

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