Distill to be Still #02

..the journey continues… of lenses to senses…

In my last post I wrote about how our eyes sees things and we act in a particular pattern because of certain ideas/ thoughts in the context of our mind already.

Whether we agree or not. Whether we like it or not. We all have different measurements to judge someone. We have different altitudes on which we set a particular image of a person. It’s like whatever context I feed in my brain will decide that person’s image.

Be it because of past experiences with someone, be it emotions, background,  moods, beliefs, habits, etc. It could be any silliest of the things which creates a certain picture of someone because of FILTER in our minds.

What is a filter? Filtering is selection process through which the best is kept and unwanted is dumped. Sometimes it’s the part that remains in the sieve, is of interest too.

So it works both ways,

Filter to let in best.

Filter the worst to keep in best.

What are we doing?

We are filling our mind with unwanted waste-prejudices, false beliefs, indifference, negativity, anxiety, denial, ignorance, repercussions. Certainly not a nice place to live in.

What I mean is meet people with a clean slate (mind), like a mind of a child. Give them a chance to show their real selves (which people fear to show these days, as they will be judged, so natural).. If you care- then observe, question (without being personal, but about the person). Create the image with your lenses on a clean slate with their colors and not anything with rum of your mind. Be it, for a person/ situation / things in your life, every bit of it would turn from awful to wonderful.

Advantages of having a mind like a ‘clean slate’

#you will not expect (as no pre-made image)

#learn more about it (as mind is open)

#more acceptance (as no mould to fit in)

#zero disappointment (all the above reasons)

We all agree to this…

No one likes to be judged, but still all judge. We have different rules for others and different for ourselves. What goes around, comes around. Whether we like it or not (consciously/ unconsciously).

Like for example I mentioned in the previous post-

I’m searching for that particular dress in the entire house, but it is in laundry/ friend borrowed it/ with tailor.

Same thing applies with people/ events in life. We are so sure about something that our mind out of habit forces us to think in a certain way. But, the fact remains something else. Break the habit and the behaviour will change. Open your mind about people, events, life.

It is…

THE CONTEXT, NOT THE CONTENT OF LIFE (says Sadguru) works wonders on our minds.

..and not with your outward self image.

Our perception of our own self is put in our head by someone, something, some events. Please do away with those concept right now.

Our perception and interpretation organises information in our minds through the information we provide. Make sure you are well informed. About yourself and everything else around.

Please stop putting filters in our minds. On people,events, life. Instead, give people chance to give you filters to add beautiful colours, dimensions to your being.

Lead the bond/ events/ life with those filters, which doesn’t highlight the flaws (flaws- indeed make you what you are). Not the filters which block the power of you touching lives.

Focus on positives wearing distilled lenses with an uncluttered film in your mind.

When we distill impurities from our mind we become still in our mind. When you become still, you are more closer to your being, becoming more powerful in your mind..

Reclamation …

No One Is You And That Is Your Power!


P.S. We must be slow in trusting people, that doesn’t mean you doubt. We must be slow in loving,  which doesn’t mean you hate. We must be slow in allowing people in our lives. Have your guards on. It means just filter people with their filters and let them in gradually.

If you still don’t like them. You are free to bid adieu. BUT, DO NOT JUDGE!!!! Don’t you dare to influence others opinion. For, there is someone who will love them. As it is said- either you judge or love!

The process of distillation is on a personal level. A person becomes WE, when in society. So, first change your filters, then society.

87 thoughts on “Distill to be Still #02

  1. Inshort keep your mind sight and approach towards the life positive. किसीके लिए द्यावश मत रखो सब एच लगेगा 😊💐👍 गुजरात में फिर कमल खिलेगा🌷 फिर एक बार मोदी सरकार

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  2. I guess it’s easy said then done. I mean judging someone initially. Our mind is programmed in such a way that we have some pre assumptions when we meet a person. So we do judge people, even if we don’t want to BUT I DO AGREE WITH YOU. 😊

    Liked by 6 people

    1. Thank you for reading and commemting🙏it’s encouraging. I too agree with you. I guess you missed a point in P.S. Wherein I say HAVE YOUR GUARDS ON. There is no harm but it shouldn’t be the base of judging anyone:) happy blogging

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  3. Deep truth of life each mind really needs Filteration n yes d best thing u said is Be sure yr head is a better place to live in as v live most of our time in our heads👍🏻👌🏻Superb keep blogging d way u do n spread positive vibes all around😘👍🏻God bless

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  4. I have seen your initial post and current posts also , You have improved a lot.

    1. Your posts are very well thought , conceived and delivered .
    2. You really give time , attention and hard ship to your posts.
    3. Images are perfectly fine.
    4. Content is deep and profound.
    5. P. S. is soul of the article.

    Wishing you all the success and happiness.

    Since I am not sure your primary reason for blogging, but from every dimension the way you express things in series is simply deserve appreciation.

    I do understand how much appreciation meant to a writer.

    We crave to be appreciated.

    As far as criticism is concerned, I have nothing to suggest, But Yes sprituality is master key for happiness.

    Thanks for giving is opportunity to express my views.

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  5. Thank you so much nish🙏 it’s encouraging. Yes improved alot, thank you to my editor my niece Chonty and my wp fellow blogger S.G. my readers giving their valuable comments helping me improve. Also thank you to you and vishal dutia as well:)
    To me it’s a voice. Thoughtfulness. Wake up call. Mind connections. Interaction. Know varied culture, thought process. Basically everything that keeps mind brewing.. To gain clarity on self, life and wonderful beings around me.

    Liked by 4 people

      1. And I love your hairstyle as well just as I love your blog…Its amazing to stumble upon some good creativity and I am glad I found your blog today❤❤
        I feel quite close to home..when I reach out to your blog…You seem to be like someone …..who is in my family…like a family member I must say… who has loads of good works to share…and I am always waiting for them❤❤

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      1. I recommend this blog to all the youngsters and teenagers like me..
        It been great Ma’am..
        And I am surely looking forward for a great friendship..

        An everlasting sisterhood
        Or better..

        Liked by 2 people

  6. Woah Woah Woah…. I just kept on reading it again and again. That was so much true. Loved it. Especially that thing you quoted:-
    “We must be slow in trusting people, that doesn’t mean you doubt. We must be slow in loving, which doesn’t mean you hate. We must be slow in allowing people in our lives. Have your guards on.”
    That’s really the words I was searching for. Just awesome and straight to the point with so much clarity. Keep it up…👍👍👍❤

    Liked by 4 people

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