Distill to be Still.

Kaapi..??? anyone for filter (drip brew) coffee!!! Though I like chai (tea). But, this post isn’t about either. LOL. It is about FILTERS!!! Oh! No, please. Not snapchat. No instagram. No WhatsApp filters. Nor any sort of filters applied to make pictures fanciful, clicked from our gadgets.

Have you ever thought of pictures taken by our eyes? Yes, our eyes is one important feeding data rod.

If you didn’t know…

Our eye works like a camera. The iris and the pupil control how much light to let into the back of the eye, much like the shutter of a camera. Isn’t that amazing?

The brain is instrumental in helping us see as it translates the image into something we can understand. The brain does all the perception. What we see is the rum of the mind and not the eyes.

So, our real filter is our brain. It filters the image captured through the lens of our eyes according to our understanding.

Eyes on the Brain.
What the Brain Tells the Eye
Do we see what we want to see?

Have you ever picked up a gallon milk bottle that you thought was full when it was empty instead? You realize your mistake as soon as you begin to lift the bottle because your hand and bottle fly over your head. Your brain assumed that the bottle was heavier than it was and thus instructed your muscles to exert more force than was necessary. Before we make any voluntary movement, a great deal of planning, which is largely unconscious, takes place in our brain.
The same is true for perception.

Since our eyes sense what is around us, it’s easy to think that our visual system is quiescent (inactive) unless stimulated by something from the outside. However, what we see is governed to a large extent by what we expect to see. As with our movements, our brain sets us up in advance for what we will see.

Like in a crowd you will always locate a known face easily🎃. Say, when I go shopping somehow I fish all the whites kept in any damn corner. The attraction for that colour, you see👕. In a table full of pastries,my eyes halt only on my favourite chocolate pastry 🍰. While taking a walk I wouldn’t miss any trees which has flowers. Love for flowers,huh!

Often, I just pass by someone I know and not even notice them. Either I am occupied in my mind with some thoughts or I plainly wanna ignore that great personality😂

Many a times when i’m searching for that particular dress which I want it so badly. The entire house is upside down, I still don’t find it. Why?? Because I have given it in the laundry/ friend borrowed it/ with tailor. Eeehhh…yaahh!!! Dumb me!!😭

The other day it so happened. I was annoyed with the fact that I have been complaining to the building authorities about hygiene not maintained in the vicinity and still no strict action has been taken to look into the matter. Those few days wherever I go, see only trash, piles of more trash just wherever my eyes go and I’m like…grrr😭

The whole point here, i’m trying to make is that, what we look for, through our lenses (eyes) is what we get. Be it, out of choices, habits, emotions, consciously or unconsciously.

Our brain/ mind plays a major role in giving definition, meaning to those images in our lenses, which in turn defines many things and aspects of ourselves, gradually mould our lives too.

The journey of our lenses to our senses….

… to be continued (next post), where we talk about filters.


It would be wonderful to know any of those incidents where, you found something, you were exactly looking for. See you in the comment box.

Until then me saying..be rare, be you.. And I’m like..



66 thoughts on “Distill to be Still.

  1. Great post Jay,

    you know our eyes are unique in nature. Doctors can not make anything similar to them,but what is very important here and we can see it in your post ,that is “brain watching”.We see what we are ready to see.We see what we are focused on.And I believe that we must change our focus to see only good in people, to see only good on Earth and with that to attract only positive things in our life !

    Keep writing Jay and thank you

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    1. Hi Ben, thank you, it’s encouraging🙏
      Beautifuly put 👌and yes, eyes is our most beautiful lense, the focus is an issue. See you in next post, where we dicuss filters and focus. Thank u again Ben 🙏


  2. Great choice of topic and well conceived blog. As they say – looks can be deceptive but eyes don’t lie. I like the way you end your post. You have an inate capability to observe life’s minute things and beautifully express it. Keep writing and keep seeing things without those filters 😊

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  3. Loved the way you drafted it but I have a counter argument.. good looking people say looks don’t matters, rich people say money doesn’t matter,but for the people like us who stands in the other side of the line both matters and we use filters 🙃😬😝.. and yes agree to the fact that we see what we look for.. like it’s our thoughts that brings the events in our lives..if we expect that there should no traffic.. there will be a jam of it.. hope you know universe is a gene and it’s gives us things we ask for..but the thing is it’s only give things like it’s don’t filter yes or no words..that’s is even we say I don’t want happiness it gives use happiness..it’s filters don’t..same way there should be no delay..we will be delayed cuz no will be filtered!! Am waiting for the next one on this topic and yes the world’s best lenses are our eyes 😎

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    1. Hi josh, glad to see you here. Thank you for your kind words, it’s encouraging:) im learning.
      Coming to the argument. I will nt defend it until next post.
      Eyes are the most wonderful storyteller, those who knw to read them😊

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    1. Heya those are real sweet words. Welcome 🌹Thank u for reading and commenting 🙂 it’s encouraging🙏 you said it….we see what we want to see! Glad to see you in my space.. May be I was wanting you 🙂 happy blogging

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  4. I don’t know what to say…But I still don’t want to remain unsaid.

    I express things in larger perspective. I am told that before taking the birth . Our half part lives in father and half in mother. The moment two specific unit meet they become one and start growing in conducive atmosphere . The same just tiny combination of cell start growing and some of the units improve them selves and specialized to see…to smell to touch to hear and so on…

    But initially it is smallest unit …..and before meeting each other we live as a part of some body….and prior to that ….Before the birth of our father….He lives in his father and mother….and so on….and even before first life on this earth we lived in ….Some other form as a life…..

    Having said that life is eternal and we have came out of one and disappear in the same.

    My statement looks out of context but I will try to give it some dimension to it.

    I am absolutely agreeing with you , if You ask some one go and see only blue in room the room you are ….and count them, and then instead of asking name of blue things . You ask question about tell me any 2 red things of a room , he may not be able to tell even one.

    Senses are messenger to brain and keep and help us receiving information for us.

    In a broader perspective it may have 2 bifurcation….1. Pleasing 2. Aversion. (Unpleasant ) .

    In Hindi that can be Raaga or dvaisa….

    If as per conditioning of mind we find information through senses it start craving for more and more…..

    On other hand if mind says it’s unpleasant…as per pre conditioning behaviour….It will I do need them….I don’t need them….

    One who is conscious for both or aware for thoughts witness them …and don’t judge them as good or bad.

    One who is conscious knows by experiencing them that none of the thought remains for ever it just come have some impact on you and will pass on….

    By doing so we learnt the impermanence nature of entire universe. Which is in ever changing mode. The one who is going to change or changing moment after moment ….Even if you want you can’t stick to it.

    Eventually one who is awakened even while filtering does not give much importance to thoughts or mind.

    Earlier we took the example of blue and red…Either you see blue or you see red it hardly matters in long run.

    Neither blue is good nor red is bad….So having filter or not having filter or claiming this filter is good or that filter is good have no significance.

    I am told that most of the colour or sound we can’t see or hear as human but they do exsists.

    More over it’s quite natural in some percentage that each of us have some colour blindness to specific colour.

    Now you can ask me are you with me or you are trying to make different point.

    My point is let us go beyond filters . Beyond thoughts . Beyond minds.

    Its been expressed life is sheer Bliss there….

    I think I have inter…Related theory …

    Lol…I am good…In that I believe….

    Until you are not aligned with master rules….Or Dharma…You are victim of mind.

    Life exsists….Beyond that….All books …All wisdom…All knowledge….takes you to ultimate ….to the world where you enter in relm of nothing ness.

    Its like You need soap daily to take bath…But in end of bathing you need to get rid diff too.

    You follow religion , path , Guru , wisdom ….But in the end you have to get rid off all…and be stable in self.

    Ultimately wisdom is having no wisdom at all.

    Each window of each house can look at sky ……see it as different…But sky is one.

    Let us come to the example of colours . When rays of sun pass through the glass or drops of water it …reflect in different colours as rainbow prior to that it’s one.

    So we have came back to the one again….From where life started….We are one…. Sensory organs and mind makes filters….Let us break filter concept….and see everything as one.

    Each wave in the sea can claim herself as different. But put together all its one.

    Hope I have make some sense. Still I know you can tolerate my nonsense too.

    Actually theory which I talk about can apply on everything, on everyone , at any time unbiasedly….That is why it’s dharma.

    Lol too much…Now….

    Thanks ignore the typo..

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    1. Thtas amazing❤ nish. I loved reading it. Understand and could relate to it on this post. you talk on the ultimate level and totality. Which is just absolutely mind blowing.
      But here most of us don’t know where we stand.
      When most of us still don’t knw what is concious and unconcious. Awareness and unawared. Where we all act smart, no one wants to be called dumb. We are not even aware of the fact we put so many layers and filters to simplest of the things.
      Breaking/ surpassing would come only when we know what to break? So, here im to give that pinch which is needed to shake and wake each one of us.
      To sum it up I say, it’s my small effort to instill perception and thoughtfulness with a pinch of salt. Rest is their journey. I’m trying to be the awakener:)
      Thank you for your effort and I feel special 🙂

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  5. I love this post. I live by this philosophy, lol. I have no filter, generally. I am a quiet person unless asked my opinion or the moment calls for me to say something or provoked. My no filter had a tendency to get me into trouble when I was younger.

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    1. Hahaha… thats wonderful..be what you are.. as I always say.. No one is you and that is your power. God bless:)happy blogging. Shall visit you soon. Thank you again for your time and comment.

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  6. Insightful post. I would also add that this is why sometimes we see recognizable patterns when we look at clouds – may be an animal, a heart or even a cupid! lol! Our brain is constantly trying to make sense of patterns we see.

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