BB Post #02- On Fear- Part-02.


to Surrender to anger.. maybe resentment / better you

to Jealousy… only destruction

to Grief… lifelessness

to Love….gain freedom but if you Fear you cannot Love.

Either Fear/ Love.

Either you live or manage somehow.

Again our choice👇

Become conscious..

Nurturing fear produces dangerous species on earth.

Today many threats are psychological rather than physical, but the same habitual impulse takes on the hold.

Like for me I feared death and emotions (positive)  ahem! ahem! too clichéd. LOL. With sense of reasoning and acceptance I overcame it. The fear of stage too, vanished when I chose to participate in Mother’s Dance Act for my kiddo’s annual day. At the end of the performance I was like damn!!! **I RULE**. The moment still crisp in my memory. Best part is, l loved it so much. I want to experience it over again. You won’t believe, until my teenage I won school elocution and fancydress competitions🙈

So, I’m telling you it’s all in our stupid mind as we become adults (I don’t know if we grow up.LOL) just keep stacking nonsense from our daily lives. Observing subconsciously frequent images of emotions (mental level) and behaviour (physical level) created by people/ media. Leading us to the concept of LEARNED FEAR.

Research has found that fears or worries can run in families. It may be that certain fear reactions are inherited, but we do not have to live with them just because they may be inherited.

Liberate our mind with certain kinds of images that we create about ourselves, others, job, relationships, future and many more concepts insulated in regions of our mind.

Fear (Motivational) either wakes you up or locks (Demotivational) you down.

Sadguru also says –


I say…

…. the protective emotion of fear in us is positive. Until it is only for that bare necessity. For instance, someone who isn’t a strong swimmer might have a fear of deep water. In this case, the fear is helpful because it cautions the person to stay safe. Someone could overcome this fear by learning how to swim safely. A fear can be healthy if it cautions a person to stay safe around.

Rest all is just bull, drop it NOW!!! Rise above the definitions, challenge the status quo and take charge of your mind.



Technique to overcome Fear…

Krishna says that every time we experience fear we must remember that at the same time there is something fearless inside us too. Every time we doubt there is part of us that is doubtless. Every time we are sad there is a part of us that is still happy. This is so important to know. Write it down and fear will never overtake you. Whenever you feel fear read it and know you can be fearless.

So we are all born with a dual nature. Our lower nature consists of all of these emotions such as fear but we also have a higher nature which is above all of that. So even when you are experiencing incredible fear your consciousness is always fearless. You just need to tap into it. Everything else is trivial.

The next step is to execute in the field of action. This is where you are actually experiencing fear. Remember that something in you is fearless. Keep remembering as those thoughts come. As your fear increases you increase your fearlessness. Make sure your surface stays calm. You don’t need to know how just know that your consciousness is fearless.

Find your switch, cut through the darkness of fear. It might take a while to find the switch. But going from fear to fearlessness is only a flick away…


Discover the universe within for that universe doesn’t fear it’s luminescence!


So, what is your thought process my dear readers. Do mention your technique to overcome fear in the comment box below. Thank you for your time🙏


Most childhood fears pass with time, learning, and support from caring adults.Older children may need reassurance and support from parents while they learn to cope with worry and fear and gain confidence in dealing with life’s challenges. We need to do away with learned fear.

Note to Behna (Sister)- Hoping I have answered your question upto the mark and it proves to be helpful. Thank you, again🙏  BB trophy shall be given in next BB post. Stay Blessed! Lots of Love and hugs…Until next time….

#BeRare #BeYou…because


64 thoughts on “BB Post #02- On Fear- Part-02.

  1. What I’m afraid of is the thought that I’m not good enough. I won’t live up to my own expectations. I don’t care what the society thinks of me, yet the bar I’ve set for myself is, sometimes I feel, too high. I don’t know if I deserve it or not, and the uncertainty is the root cause of my fears.

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  2. Hi Jay,

    you are big motivatior. I believe that everything is in our head . I think here primarily on fear. Mind is too powerful to be out of control. When we learn to control our we will learn to control our fear.

    Stay positive

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  3. Fear makes us consious to do wrong things. So fear is also a part of life. Like you are afraid of Bitchy thoughts why? Thats fear. To be a fearless person you need to be positive and all. But a fearless person can live his own life with wrong attitude and he might be fullof arrogance.
    What i just want to say all above is balance. “Fear” u agree or not helps in maintaining balance in our society. We need to understand what to be afraid of and not.
    Over all nice post. Keep on writing mam.

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  4. Beautiful comment vishal thank u🙏
    Yes fear does maintain balance in our society. Say for example..fear of breaking laws or fear of parents or teachers which is positive growth.
    If you say fear makes you do wrong things then maybe it’s the time you stop rethink on your actions and become concious.
    As I have mentioned beware of the energy you want to attract… (positive/ neagtive) it’s all in our mind, how we train it.
    Arrogance is a big BULL, we need to drop it. To become source of encouragement for others and not just ourselves, for that’s the right way getting closer to your inner being and not just living life at superficial level.

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  5. Incredible read and very well laid out. The way you blend your own experience with info graphics and thoughts from the wise is incredible. You make reading interesting – a natural story teller. So kudos on that skill.

    You rendered your thoughts on fear beautifully. Well said ! Fear is all our minds manifestation. Great article and wonderful read. Two thumbs up and keep writing 👍

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  6. Woww that was really a great one….
    Even i was going on through research for overcoming fears.. Makes a great sence and really helpful for me not only for my reasearch but for overcoming my fears… Must appreciate the way of writing with small parables . A great job. 😃

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  7. My greatest fear was losing my close ones. That fear is still present but now I know how to overcome. I think of the positive things that happened in life.
    Thanks for sharing such a nice post!

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  8. When drop think drop as drop . Its bound to happen being fear full. Spiritually, when drop think herself as different and lone , she is fearful. When you feel separate from the whole you are fear ful . Being alone separate and different comes out of “Ego”.

    Ego means I am something . I am male or female , beautiful, wise , financially stable , educated and so on. In such conditions You are surrounded by things that are changing and you want to control that change as per your wish , that never happens, eventually you are haunted by conscious and unconscious state of fear.

    The moment drop replies that she is not alone yet ocean in itself.

    Its like drop is small ocean and sea is a bigger drop. The moment you are one with whole. You are fearless . Now You don’t swim and try to control situation which are in ever changing mode but float with whole.

    You don’t have any specific desires from the future as per conditionng of your mind. You are in total acceptance to everything.

    Mind is beautiful thing to live in this world like a ladder to reach to top but mind is biggest cage for man kind. After certain limit ladder becomes chain and bind you.

    Entire nature is fearless except human being. Plant, rivers, animals they all live fearless life.

    But human who claims to conquer entire nature on the ability of his mind is most fearfull and stressed creature of the universe. Our life have become machines and we are on the path to create robots who can produce wealth on the cost of peace of mind. We are in endless race which nobody thinks where it is heading ?

    We want certainty in our life in uncertain world. One who is ready to live with uncertainty is fearless. One who is trying to make things certain is fearful.

    It is such a short a span . We have come this world . We need everything perfect. One who is looking for perfection is fearful. One who is perfectly fine with imperfections is fearless.

    One who have understood self is fearless. One who is seeker of material is fearful.

    Man who is conscious that each breath that comes in is a life and his death too . One who enjoy death with each out going breath knows the art of living and fearless.

    One who have goals , aim and plans and in race to achieve something is fearfull . One who knows that being stable in self is path , journey and out come in itself is fearless.

    One who is responsible and takes credit for his good deads is fearful . One who knows is not doer but witness his own actions and fruits is fearless. One who think that he or she can do anything is fearful. One who understands that’s things happens as per their nature is fearless.

    One who think that he or she can make others happy or sad is fearful one who knows that one who is happy will feel it’s opposite value in equal proportion is fearless.

    One who express is fearful one who speaks language of silence is fearless.

    One who teaches the wisdom is fearful one who experience it is fearless.

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      1. Haha lol….Its not new for me…..I have got such complement many times. My comments are beautiful then my posts. Or they can replace as posts too. I have considered such suggestion earlier…Too….

        But it’s ok…. People do read others comments sincerely as posts…..

        Lol it’s ok.

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    1. Thank u so much Yuvraj . Appreciate you reaching and commenting. It’s encouraging.
      Really.. but is it about controlling? Or just letting go inhibitions. We live more than half of our lives in our mind. I think we can gardually become fearless. It’s a gradual process indeed.

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