Handcrafted Me!


Interpreting Handcrafted ME!

This Diwali ( festival of lights) I eulogize the sweltering refulgence (light – lamp ) within becoming a legacy ( pearls – ocean’s gift) to the world bestowing friendliness (yellow -colour) as a mechanism of mass seizure and ceding an unremitting imprint ( fragrance of flowers)  in each essentia.

Radiating a little Me_Ness to  spawning more You_Ness around…

Wishing all my wonderful readers a very happy and safe Deepawali.

Lots of love and gratitude,



Inspired byShantanu Baruah

46 thoughts on “Handcrafted Me!

  1. 🌴🌱🌴🌱🌴🌱🌴🌱🌴

    *🌱__May the beauty Of deepavali season fill your home with happiness__🌱*

    *Ο‰Δ±sΠ½Δ±ΠΈg Ο… Ξ± νєяy*
    *τσ yΟƒu Ξ±ΠΈΔ‘ yΟƒuя Ζ’Ξ±ΠΌΔ±β„“y…*🎊

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  2. Look at those words!Inspired from either those urban ones or from shashi tharoor.Lol….
    You are talented in this field too.I never dared to try this.

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