BB TROPHY curtain raiser.

Hi🙋and Namaste🙏my dear readers.. How are you guys doing? I’m sure great.. Just like me..

So,  it’s a big day today. Today I introduce the BB ( Behna Blog) trophy. Though it’s been quite some time now I haven’t put anything for BB [this behna was actually busy buying gehna ( jewellery) lol😝].

Trophies, awards, medals, certificates all these hold a special place in our heart.Why not? Who doesn’t like to be recognised, appreciated and valued. It encourages us to do better and strive for best. But more than all this I say… whatever I do, I should be content that I gave my best and left no stone unturned. I performed to best of my ability.

I do reward myself a nice big Cadbury Silk yum yum.. or a good bowl of sewaiya ( Indian sweet prepared in milk. I don’t have a sweet tooth, I have sweet teeth, hehe),  gain  few happy pounds lol..

I pat my back..  take a deep breath..Inhale..Contentment.. Exhale.. Joy!!! Now it doesn’t matter I win or loose..awards, titles, trophies, certificates are bonus.

People.. here comes the much awaited bonus ..

Let me quickly tell you how it there are two trophies given..ya ya Hum dildaar  hai…hehe ( I’m generous ), and one special appreciation.I asked them 3 questions each  which they had to answer , call it  ‘BEHAN KA PYAR YA VAAR’ ( sister’s love or attack)

So the 1st BB Trophy goes to my Behna

Mrs. SarikaTak ( For her courage to question😚 giving us a solid premiere question, thank you again for your support,  made a successful post:)

Following are her answers…

Q1. What would you feel/ say / react if in a lift you come across two more females dressed exactly the way you are dressed?. And  You’ll happen to enter the function together 😂

She said

I would rather take it in a positive way n say we actually had decided to wear the same if we are friends and if the females would be strangers i would say this dress 👗 is so popular that every lady want to wear it 😜

Q2. What is your superpower?
She said

My super power my positivity towards life!

Q3. How happy are you to receive this trophy what it means and your emotions towards it / acceptance speech.

She exclaimed indeed…
Wowww I’m so excited and overwhelmed by receiving this trophy 🏆 I want to tell you all Behnas over there “Have Faith in God  and Believe in Yourself “😘😘😘

2nd BB trophy goes to WP Behna

Miss Ekta, a sweetheart, talented, all rounder behna.  ( for her lovely surprising post supporting BB in her magical words, means a lot thank you so much for your kindness [ do you want me to mention sister by heart ye woh..hehe little bit more drama, kyunki {because } chori {girl} main {I am}  drama queen Hu..]

It was so unexpected gave me,thank you

Following are her answers

Q1. What would you feel/ say / react if in a lift you come across two more females dressed exactly the way you are dressed?. And  You’ll happen to enter the function together 😂

She said

I’ll be shocked for a while, then i’ll compliment them  ‘Hey, you seem to like someone who knows how to dress for a party! great choice!’ and then wink.       Move on and accept that I’m unique even if someone has the same dress as me 😋

Q2. What is your superpower?

She said

My superpower are my words, this is the most powerful force .I can make an argument, I can break an argument. Cheers!!  😎

Q3. How happy are you to receive this trophy what it means and your emotions towards it / acceptance speech..

She was excited..

I’m  super happy, feel proud and grateful about it because not everyone is a winner.. ☺ I’m  extremely honored to be receiving such an award. I would like to acknowledge Jay my Behna for her support. I would like to remind everybody that what we are doing today is planting a seed for the future. Thank you so much and God bless you all ! *emotions overflowing*

Last but not the least my newest friend S.G. For guiding me for this curtain raiser post. Thank you gems, means a lot.

In fact I have a challenge for my new friend S.G.  to write a post on one woman who inspires him. Obviously he got to answer the same questions as I asked the other two recipients ( see the comment section below the post for his answers.

Writes amazing post on real world with insights on every aspect of it, always with a positive end.. I like that!! Definitely a Shining Gem!!! Do visit my readers.

I also want to highlight that BB isn’t only about women, but equally about men, who consider it is important to celebrate,  appreciate,  acknowledge her being every single day. It is about the spirit of womanhood *behna-hood* [ not behna – hudd ( go) ] is highlighted.

For God sake.. man is complete.. incomplete or women is..  Whatever they say, that’s not what I meant, to me we all are one complete whole being..  Who can individually bring immense positive difference within us and around us…



No One Is You And That Is Your Power!!!

Do share in the comment box thoughts suggestions ..One woman who inspires you’ll.. Much appreciated. 

(P.S. come one come all join BB Club,send questions,  suggestions,  criticisms all welcomed…follow me

Bakkbakking jay on instagram and FB

101 thoughts on “BB TROPHY curtain raiser.

      1. Ekta is the one who inspired me to write. Not only to write but to be the me. I am now loving my life cuz of her. Yes Ekta. But she’s not my behana. She’s the one I wrote that poem for. And the Jab we met post was of her and me.😅😆
        Actually there are three women-
        1-Anne Frank
        2-Opera Winfrey
        3-Aung sang Suu ki
        and a girl Ekta…
        Cheers and all the best for your blogging….❤👍

        Liked by 2 people

      1. p.s I’m naming 3 of them-
        1}My Mom – my faithful guide and companion right from the moment I was born.
        2}Lilly Singh (Superwoman)-She inspires me to never give up no matter how hard the time may seem.
        3} Bakkbakking jay- you’ve inspired me to enhance Girl power and be your own type as she says, “No One Is You And That Is Your Power!!! ” ❤

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  1. Hey thanks for the “award”. Now to answer your questions,

    1. It has happened before to me, I usually don’t have to say anything because the other two people would be as surprised as me and they themselves would say something first, like nice clothes bro or something like that.
    On the other hand, if I get into a lift and there’s a tomboy girl wearing the same shirt as me, I’ll definitely take up the opportunity to chat her up and compliment her on the shirt. 😉

    2. My superpower is that I can make a girl’s “Active Now” to “Active a few minutes ago” just by sending “hi”.

    3. Thanks, I guess.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Aaaaa…… thats a tough question😅
        See i get inspired from all women actually!! They are a fusion of all beauty under this universe!! SALUTE TO EVERY WOMAN AND AND HER STORY WHICH MAKES HER SO STRONG!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you ben:)..yes very well answered by the ladies, indeed all have power within, it’s just my small attempt to make them aware of it:)
      And yes you won’t be spared either.. you have to tell us, one woman who inspires you

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Woww….Thanks behna for d award 🥇 n congrats Ekta behna👍🏻N yes Jay behna its bcoz of u i got d courage of questioning as i knw I’ll get a satisfactory answer frm my behna whose jst as real n clear jst like her answers 😘Thoda Drama queen 👸🏻 ka bhi jhalak hai bt its ok u need to hav a little drama in life rather dan watching d television drama queens b a queen yrself👍🏻😘God bless
    N yes d answer to yr question The woman who has inspires me first n fr all my Mother frm whom i get inspiration of forgiving n forgetting n moving frwd N d other woman is my ECCED Ma’am who has given me d inspiration of believing in Myself n who has always motivated in all my hurdles🙏🏻
    I knw thoda lamba ho gaya comment bt u knw yr Emotional behna 😜😘

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  3. Waah meri behna.Great post. Congratulations to the winners. Im lucky to be surrounded by women who inspire me every day. My mom, my sisters, my best friends shalaka and mugdha. And last but definitely not the least you my pyari behna. Your spirit and positivity is truly inspirational and youve been my pillar of strength through a lot.

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  4. I generally take the inspiration from almost every person I meet. I personally feel everyone have some or other good quality may be small or big which is uncommon to see. But if you ask me about one women specifically then there is tie between 3 people ..1st my Mom – She forces me to be the multi tasker 😂 “Beta you are girl, tumhe ye to aana hi chahiye… Sab saathme manage karo etc ” #PS- She herself is great multi tasker . 2nd my bestfriend- She inspires me to do certain lively things which I havent even thought about to do myself 😂 3rd is Me Myself- Past me is big inspiration for cultivating the future me. The way I manage several things, situations, people (Thanks to mom for that ) inspires me alot for further betterment.😊

    Liked by 3 people

      1. Hail🙌 and hugs to both of you, proud of you both. I wish her healthy long life.. Tc fighters🌹🌹Hey sory for late reply, infact I replied thrice,It didn’t reach you


  5. Aah a lovely gesture .. loved it .. you can read ten Awsome bloggers rewarded on my blog in the series named “Blogger of the Week” It will be a pleasure if you visit my blog .. congratulations :):)

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