As I close my eyes, inhale(interpreting as to… what is power to me), all that comes to my mind –POWER WITHIN, WOMAN POWER,POSITIVITY!
As I open my eyes it’s GRATITUDE ! And when I look around here and there its so many things and varied context- manpower, political power! As I go further away from myself the line between POWER and CONTROL blurs!

To me everything positive is power. I am full of positivity, Which makes me extremely powerful! So What’s MY super power?


A kind word

A genuine compliment

A thoughtful gesture

An extra effort

A helping hand

A listening ear

A warm touch

A honest opinion

Fearless attitude

A Smiley face

A Content soul

A Calm mind

Never underestimate the power of these!

Have you ever heard of man power? Nah! It’s manpower always. But you do hear about WOMAN POWER! Why because she is the creator, sustainer and potential destroyer ( hehe, I mean..why not? Who has the power to create, can also destroy).

GRATITUDE is an attitude of appreciation. Appreciation enhances the beauty ten folds. Be it people, health, relationships, anything that adds value, comfort, safety, security to you. Eventually making you more powerful reinforcing faith in yourself, people around and your life events.

As I go further … What do I see? Control freak people, clinginess, conceitedness, people putting you down for their needs and interest ( using their powers so that they can use you = negative power i.e. control ).

Power beautifies things around whereas Control abuses it. ( I choose not to talk about how people, things, emotions, positions have always been manipulated. Highlight the positives and just make yourself aware of the negatives.That’s what I follow).It is our choice absolutely what we choose to become.

The Abuser or Appreciator.

Never allow anyone or anything diminish your power!

power of WORDS…

Power of a Child…WARMTH!

Power of a Mother.. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!

Power of a Family and Siblings.. SUPPORT!

Power of Spouse..TOGETHERNESS!

Power of Friends… ACCEPTANCE!

Few are blessed with genuine people around, few always get tested but that’s when we need to reinforce our power within. To walk our journey. No one can do if for us. Own it! Live it!

Power is in your Being!

Realise your Power!!!

So, can an outside source or a person make u powerful?

NO! no one can make you that, nor anything. You can only be full with guilt, sorrow, rudeness

You can only be hollow with hurt, disappointments

You can only be less of You!!!

All the Power is within..

You become Powerless

Only when,

You become without!

You Are Special, Because God made You!

Never Forget


38 thoughts on “POWER…

  1. Power to no avail … Is the power in today’s world … I may sound negative but it’s a fact … Every one around adjust and do nothing about wrong and that’s no secret be it relationship, society, politics , love etc …. I shall say at least I tried and failed and that’s my power

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    1. I say… your power..indeed is acceptance (which is a very positive trait) that all don’t have guts to ascertain with, so yeah! You are damn powerful, Just minus the little negativity which is overpowering you, good luck:) thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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  2. Hello Jay,

    Great post. You are truly aware that the real power is in you. In your mind,in your subconscious . You show us,how we should think about ourselves,and that is real power. To share positivity in this world must be our common goal.

    Thank you 🙂

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