Reckon your REFUGE #02

…….when I belong deeply to myself and seek refuge in myself. There is so much more growth ( mental, emotional) . I question my actions, deeds and behavior. With this quest and process I get closer to knowing myself. Helps me better myself, plus correct past mistakes and learn from it. It’s kind of introspection.

After which comes acceptance. To accept my negatives gracefully which is not easy. Once I accept what I am , how I am. Damn!! No one can really break me in anyway (and my dear reader friends this is shelter in true sense). Wherein I grow securely, strengthening my positives and eliminating my negatives.
Discovering the real measurements of myself has nothing to do with numbers and statistics given by others.
But when I seek refuge in a source outside I become dependent in a way. At times I become like or used to the source. At times I’m over powered by it probably. (In this process we may lose our own identity, which is really sad guys). It just leads me, it doesn’t lead me to anything. A hiding place is most of the time a dark place and not a very good place to be in.


49 thoughts on “Reckon your REFUGE #02

  1. ‘To accept my negatives gracefully’…truley said…negatives are really hard to even write about…thanks for sharing such a wonderful post.

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    1. Thank u for the doubt and your time, I will try to ans this according to my thot process, which may or may nt be applicable to all, which includes u as well.
      So, how to be sure?and choose the right place? And stand (which is very imp.) your doubt…
      Well, in my blogs I talk a lot abt choices because our choices eventaully makes ur what we are, its absolutely upto you on what basis you choose your rights and wrongs, also defintion of rights and wrongs differ from person to person . I say KEEP WALKING keep questiong yourself ,your actions, your words ,your deeds( as I metioned in previous blogs) until you reach your truth and your right place, only the quest to find the truth shall lead you to YOUR right place. THEN, DONT YOU DARE DOUBT!!!


    1. This statement of Gautam Buddha is one of the milestones in the history of human growth:Β Appa deepo bhava – be a light unto yourself. Nobody before him was courageous enough to say this. They were all trying to say, β€œWe are the light, follow us. Be surrendered to us and whatever we say never doubt it.” These people were not really for human freedom, human integrity, they destroyed all self-respect in man, they reduced him to a slave, a spiritual slave.

      Gautam Buddha has brought a great revolution to the world. He says, β€œBe a light untoΒ yourself” – because there is no other light. You are not to surrender to somebody because every surrender is slavery, and spiritual surrender is the greatest of all because it is so subtle. The chains are so invisible that you may never become aware of it, and the imprisonment is not something outside you, it is something imposed on the very being of your interiority. You are carrying your prison wherever you go, whatever you do.

      -Osho,Β Sword and the Lotus, Chapter 19

      The last words of Gautam Buddha on the earth were, β€œBe a light unto yourself. Don’t be bothered about what others say, don’t be bothered about traditions, orthodoxies, religions, moralities. Just be a light unto yourself.”Just a small light is enough, and you can go on with that small light for ten thousand miles without any difficulty. Your light may be falling only four feet ahead of you – just go on moving. As you move, the light will be moving ahead, and if you can see four feet ahead, that’s enough. You can go as far as you want. You can go on an eternal pilgrimage with just a small light of your own.Don’t live on borrowed light.Don’t live on borrowed eyes.

      Don’t live on borrowed concepts.


      1. Yeah agreed . Let the seed of knowledge….Grow slowly and become plant and further huge tree that can share the benefits of fruits and shadow whom so ever come into your touch…..

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