Demon….tisation ? Oh!! it’s Demonetisation.

Change , exchange, long serpentine crazy ques, banks, limits, ATMs…phewww!!! Never thought in the the stupidest dream that I would be playing the business game for real;-)  I find it really funny somehow. How, many of us took this to another level, as in, so much of drama!!!drama !!! and some more drama!!!  Why not actually  it’s National timepass of India, isn’t it?

Nothing can remain simple, plain and direct.Nahi ho sakta ye India main. Nevermind,  let’s talk about kya ho sakta hai Bharat main:-) can we like just keep our demons aside and instead concentrate on demonetisation, peacefully like humans….haa sachi hum insaan hai ..Ting Tong!!!

ATM ques, bank ques we are no less than a savage. Arey !! Let the oldies, pregnant ladies go first. Courtesy (atleast when needed) dikha do thoda, ya phir currency exchange ke saath, ghussa , impatiences, hatred bhi exchange kar ke ley aaye? Ohh ya phir zaalim duniya ne bana diya….Survival of the rudest, meanest and selfish, aisa kuch.

                            Our money isn’t looted guys, it just needs to be exchanged that is all, YES! that is all. I don’t want to go in to the hassle  that each one of us is facing. Let us not take this opportunity to give in more complaints , cuss or rant about the whole scenario. Ye bhi humara janam sidhh adhikaar hai( our birth right) , to endlessly crib about … Itneeee barish!!!!  itnee garmi!!! Omg ye traffic!!!! Ufff ye machhar!!!! I mean for God’s sake why are you even breathing? So much pain.

                                 All must be like…. Jay!!! How can you be so cool about it? People are dying, how insensitive??? India main lekin waise bhi life ka koe value nai Jab Tak Hai Jaan ( LOL , filmi meee) , lekin jab no jaan….people go ‘acha aadmi thaa’ , ‘ what a lady.. hail’. And please…. did my relative , my close ones , my friend or my family person die? No? Then all just perfectly OK. Be it Uri Attacks, hartals at jantar mantar for OROP, earthqaute in North-East, train derailments, etc. How can people die because of currency exchange aka demonetisation? I just fail to understnd. 

                                   What I understand,  people died because of demons like inequality, poverty, trafficking, alcoholism, etc. In today’s times most of us are not living because of demons like depression, hollowness, coldness, hypocrisy, load of work life, strain, body shaming and many more. We as humans feed and cultivate so many demons within us be it addiction, anger, regret, guilt, ignorance, fake conduct. 

                                      The real demon isn’t the politicians, society or demonetisation, it is within us , us and only us, reponsible for every inaction and action we take ( irrespective of any given conditions) and also the reaction we give . We blame it at times on family, friends, children, teachers, colleagues, neighbours, just about anybody or anything. Kuchh bhi bura ho mere life main , sirf dussrey pe bill faado, and indirectly you feel better about the whole thing. This time it is DEMONETISATION.

                                        We Indians are so much  used to passing the buck, blame game and not own our actions. Why do we not defrost, delete, detach, deduct, decompose,  de-tox all the demons within us along with  demonetisation. Also begin this year with first and foremost accepting ourselves the way we are, own our every good and bad, every success and failure, every scar,every demon with equal pride. Accepting one self and others without any judgements  is the most beautiful thing to do.

               SEE THINGS AS IT IS ¡¡ SEE YOU!!                              BE BEAUTIFULLY BAD ¡¡BE YOU!!


(P.S. Last lines dedicated to Mr.Beautifully Bad aka 007:)                       


23 thoughts on “Demon….tisation ? Oh!! it’s Demonetisation.

  1. Well said Jay, great blog again, they(Indians) want everything on plate. For freedom also we had a struggles and they want corruption free society without struggle and this so called secularist are the most dangerous element today in INDIA

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  2. I landed in India few hours before demonetization and exchange my dollars for good amount of 500 notes. 😊only to realize they are of no use to me. I use that money to tip lol. But ur make a good point. I saw it first hand. People were going wild. It was a scary scene. Great thoughts and well composed. 👍👏

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  3. Wow wow wow amazing superb.. Unless And Until we don’t change no MODI and no RAHUL no DEMONETISATION and no GST will be fruitful. But still we want easy money. I love these topic. Lots to talk about. Respect for you to publish these article.


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