…Let’s Get Rolling!!!!

…. thoughts travel far..words are secondary..  words if used correctly can create magic. This journey of words hopefully create some magic somewhere . Not only words and mind, this journey is  about each one of us who believe in themselves,  in posssiblities, who trying to find answers,  simplfying things,  questioning,  reasoning,  achieving,  developing, wishing,  aspiring, inspiring, being a positive change, in having goals,  to add a bit more beauty, quality, bring a difference around. Basically, who are actually living and probably like a wake up call to those who are just surviving.

I am no one to teach nor I am here to preach,  I am here to reach the hearts through the things close to my heart, in the most real,  unadulterated, raw form( no fakeness, no flowery,dreamy language,  just straight forward,  will try to keep it unbias). An endeavour to create a little more thoughtfulness,  mindfulness,  a bit more sensitivity (not forgetting practicality), getting a bit more alive, ” To leave the world in better condition in which you and I found” in words of Mr.Baden Powell.


38 thoughts on “…Let’s Get Rolling!!!!

  1. Very few ppl have the talent or shall i say talent se zyada himmat….. Hahaha…. to put yr thoughts in words n i knw u hav bth n which i can c too…. Luking frwd to more… Life’s funda… Bestrong as u never knw whom yr inspiring…. 👍👏

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  2. It’s fun to poke a year old post and let the author see where she stands now from the time she wrote this article☺️ And yes! Keep the words flowing.. nothing to be confused about this place.. here at WordPress we all are novice and pro at the same Time!☺️ Happy blogging!!

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      1. My pleasure to read your beautiful posts… “Your posts have a journey same as my blog, so i do started reading from beginning to reach you on the way…” Jus kidding.. 🙂 Very nice honestly loved posts… 🙂

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